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08/13/05 the light in my window burns only for you

View larger - 08/13/05 the light in my window burns only for you

...MB '05 Tour: Day 66: Summersonic Festival - Osaka
After even more wandering around and getting lost in the city (and yet another repeat visit to Mos Burger for those still inclined!), we got back in the tidy little vans and went back to the Osaka WTC site.

The vibe was a bit different than the 2002 show, when the rain was monsoon-like, soaking everything right up to when weezer started to play. Today there was light rain on and off but the day was mostly marked by unceasing brutal high humidity and temps in the mid 90's. Steambath style, wherein breathing didnt come easy and the caterer's curious practice of setting their refrigerators at about, oh, 55 degrees F., made for a hard time finding cool relief. (though the food itself was dynamite)

But somehow at these events, minor inconvieniences and discomforts tend to melt away in the hustle and bustle of getting the job done and the excitement of so many bands coming together from all over. When youve got Chuck D AND the Gallagher brothers under one roof, you know its a special day!

Showtime, things were much the same as last time, with about 30,000 people in attendance, rocking out in uniform hand clapping fashion as they tend to do at these things. The band was mostly way 'on' tonight, particuarly killing it on "Say It Ain't So", "We Are All On Drugs" and "Perfect Situation", to name a few. By mid set, the combination of the sheer thick humidity and the fog machines made for a positively soupy atmosphere on stage. It was nearly impossible to see the audience at several points, so thick was the pea soup. Everyone sweated about 10 gallons and it was just peachy.

Then came a treat, watching Oasis play form the side of the stage. MAN as there some great sound up there! Don't know what it was, but those guys' stage sound (separate from the PA system sound for the audience) was massive. Plus Zac Starkey (son of Ringo) on the drums? Fuhgeddaboutit. It was such a pleasure to finally take in their show, and from so close. The whole day was pretty great overall. Best of all, it all happens again tomorrow in Tokyo!

The band did some various short interviews today, with ABC TV, FM 802 and ZIP FM.

fan reactions! (add more in the comment section)
"...My sister, me and friends went to see WEEZER in summer sonic Osaka today. It was great! we enjoyed very much! We recognized you on the stage just before weezer's show! We called your name and you also realized us! Thanks for taking us a picture from the stage!...By the way, we happened to find Rivers just in front of us! during Oasis' show. It was quite funny because he was watching Oasis from under the stage. Just please ask him was he able to see Oasis properly? and enjoy it? and I think that today's Liam looked like Rivers because he was wearing funny black frame glasses and stripe shirt! Anyway, I hope Weezer rocks in Tokyo as well ! and have a good time in Japan." ---Mana

"Hi. I am Ayumi who asked to sing 'island in the sun'. Thank you very much to sing it. I was so happy. I could understand what Rivers talked in English. but honestly I couldn't understand what Oasis talked....Weezer live was awesome!!!!!! I will go to see them again next time they come to Osaka. I am so sorry they wont play extra live in Osaka but they will in Tokyo. Good Luck!" ---Ayumi

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