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08/15/05 i'd have offered 1000K, i'd have done it for none

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..MB '05 Tour: Day 68: Tokyo - Zepp Club
The Zepp Club is part of a chain of Zepp clubs around Japan. Tokyo's Zepp is down by the waterfront (or, rather one of Tokyo's many massively developed waterfront areas), next to a Nissan Museum, a huge ferris wheel, and a mall that contains what must be the largest video arcade I've ever seen, plus a pet store where one can buy not only puppies and kittens, but squirrels and spider monkeys.

Today the pea soup of humidity and heat thats been gripping Japan reached a breaking point, as visibility went down so a steamy haze and the air became just about unbreathable. By the shows end, however, all that would change. Tonight's show was best described as magical, one of the very best weezer shows of 2005 so far, without a doubt. For the band it was some of the most fun theyve had on stage, topping even the the best of the recent weeks of shows. The band treated the crowd to some cool suprises throughout the set, and it was good.

After some post show food and interviews, The tidy little vans drove away from Zepp, and almost immediately into a huge thunderstorm, complete with tons of thunder and lightning and a wall of monsoon like rain. Tokyo was totally drenched, and was at last afforded a respite from the intense heat and humidity. It was awesome.

fan reaction! (see the comment section for more)

"...Jumping to conclusion, it was one of the best show I've seen of all the weezer concert.
To be honest, I thought their sound was not at the best (I'm sorry..but I want to be honest..!), but the band entertained us. There was this friendly kind of atmosphere throughout the show. I was so glad to hear many songs from the past album. It was good to sing along the "oh-oh" lines in Perfect Situation, which is one of my favorate songs from Make Believe. It's the best feeling you can get in live shows. And I never expected Rivers to come to the PA booth and sing. I was right next to the booth (I always take my position close to the PA whenever I see a live show). I was suprised, and somewhat shocked at the same time. I mean, he was TOO close. I was just staring at his face like a child looking up at their parents, and regretted a bit that I should've watched his fingers more (I am practicing guitar). Brian, Scott and Pat was great with their vocals. Pat was really good at playing guitar as well! I loved his guitar solo. How cool! Ending up with Surfwax and Rivers telling us it's gonna be the last song so let's party (I thought it was very kind of him the way he explained it to us), the crowd has gone crazy! I felt great! Watching the bottles flying everywhere and myself jumping and shouting, I felt really happy to join this party. It was just great..." ---Sachi

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