Karl's Corner - 08/16/2005

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08/16/05 i reckon we're in love, and married we'll be

...MB '05 Tour: Day 69: fly from Tokyo to Munich
About 15 minutes before our flight took off from Tokyo, some of us were in our seats onthe plane, others in the terminal waiting to get on the plane. Suddenly we all felt a strange rocking sensation - and not rocking as in rock music, but rocking as in earthquake! Though the epicenter turned out to be very far north, it was still easy to feel in Tokyo. Those on the plane reported that it felt like someone was outside the plane pushing it back and forth. For those of us in the terminal, the floor felt like jelly and the overhead signs shook back and forth for a while. I guess Japan was saying goodbye in its own special way, and thank goodness the damage and injuries were mostly minor.

The rest of the day was basically a 12 hour flight to Munich, whose weather couldnt have been more different than Japan's - cool, damp, cloudy, like a fall day in the Northeast US. We got to the hotel around 7 PM, and it was a mercifully quiet evening for most.