Karl's Corner - 08/17/2005

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08/17/05 and all for a penny

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...MB '05 Tour: Day 70: Munich, Germany - day off
Just chillin' in Munich AKA Munchen today, our first day off in this city ever, and everyone's walking all over the place/platz checking it out, and basking in the cool air, fine sports cars and well tended old school clock towers and churches and such.

...Weezer mailing list subscribers got info on tomorrows St. Paul and Chicago Foozer/Wee Fighters show presales early this morning. And for SoCal peeps, finally a show for you: The Kroq Inland Invasion 5! Thats right, weezer has been confirmed to be part of a very cool bill that features all kind of great bands, including Oasis and Beck! Tickets go on sale Saturday at Noon. There is also a KROQ presale going on that starts today at noon, but you have to be signed up on the KROQ Street Team to get the password.

...Alright, here's a contest you need to check out - the grand prize winner gets a free trip and tickets to the 10/3 Foozer/Wee Fighters/Kaiser Chiefs Chicago show!

...The "We Are All On Drugs" video (US version) is now finished, having recently emerged from the editing room. Look for it on FUSE this coming monday, Aug 22. Mtv was on hand at the filming and has put together a "Make A Video" segment, which should be played several times around when they premiere the video. However, we dont have info as to when exactly it will premiere, nor 'Make A Video' showtimes, nor whether it will be on Mtv or Mtv2 or both. When this info is in hand, it will be posted here. Also, it might (or might not) be that there will be 2 slightly different edits of the video, one for Mtv and another one for Fuse and other channels. Remains to be seen.

...The "We Are All On Drugs" UK retail singles were released this past week. There is a CD single and a 7" 45 pressed on pink swirly vinyl.

the UK cd single contains:
1. We Are All On Drugs
2. Beverly Hills - Urbanix Mix
3. Burndt Jamb - Live
4. We Are All On Drugs - CD-Rom Video

and the 7" contains:
A. We Are All On Drugs
B. Beverly Hills - Urbanix Mix

The International cd single (same contents as the UK cd?) will be released on August 22.

note that these singles, as well as the US and UK/Int'l one song radio promo cds all contain the correct lyric version of "We Are All On Drugs", which doesnt appear on the initial pressings of the "Make Believe" CD.

For clarity, the correct version of "We Are All On Drugs" replaces this line:
"I want to confiscate your drugs/I dont think i can get enough"
"I want to reach a higher plane/where things will never be the same"

We have also learned that the record company will indeed be moving ahead with pressing a fresh run of "Make Believe" that includes the correct "We Are All On Drugs". There probably wont be any way to tell the two pressings apart, however, aside from actually putting the cd in a player and listening to it.

"We Are All On Drugs" has risen fast on the Modern Rock chart, currently at #14 in its 5th week. Meanwhile, "Beverly Hills" is STILL rocking the charts, going higher than any weezer song ever has. Its at #10 on the Modern Rock chart (where it has enjoyed 20 weeks on, topping it at #1), #15 on both the Hot 100 and Pop 100 charts, and #22 on the Pop 100 Airplay charts - higher than anything weezer has released before. Also its still #8 on the top Digital Tracks Chart (where it hit #1), and #9 on the Hot Digital Songs chart (where it also hit #1). Whew!

large size picture link: here.

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