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08/18/05 a bright copper penny

View larger - 08/18/05 a bright copper penny

..MB '05 Tour: Day 71: Salzburg Austria - Frequency Festival
Today we boarded a bus and cruised several hours over the border into Austria, to the Frequency Festival in the Alpine foothills near the city of Salzburg. Salzburg means 'salt mountain', but the people up in these mountains were anything but salty, in fact they were uber-stoked.

This was one of the more picturesque settings for a festival that we've seen. The grounds are actually a racetrack, albeit one that snakes thru a tree lined valley at several levels. It makes for a really cool scene, a cozy valley surrounded by dramatic steep wooded mountain ridges. Good place for a music festival, and positively magical once the sun went down, the moon came up and the chilly air rolled in.

The aforementioned non-salty attendees were ready for some serious rocking. In Austria, they are firm believers in Sammy Hagar's motto "theres only one way to rock". Tons of people were crowd surfing and riding on peoples shoulders throughout the set. Weezer had a full set including an encore for this show, and when they busted out with "Island in The Sun" late in the set, the crowd seriously kicked it up a Emeril-sized notch, once again proving the mysterious staying power of "Island" in Europe.

Just like in Japan, weezer's set preceeded Oasis' headlining set, and there was a definite mutual appreciation society going on, with a certain Noel G. checking out the entire Weezer set from the side of the stage. Weezer tried to return the compliment but ended up being unable to get back up on stage due to some draconian security dudes! But it was cool, it was easy to hear the set from backstage, and we couldnt stay for the whole set anyway.

fan reaction! (more in the comment section)
"...I still can't believe it- first time to see Weezer- and i did it twice this year. But this show was so awesome, wow. A different setlist from the Novarock Festival (two Pinkerton, Perfect Situation oh yeah, i totally freaked out) and an enthusiastic crowd. And: Weezer was (at least it seemed so) so happy to play and to perform on this stage, I was and I am so glad I saw them all: Brian, Scott and Pat singing besides Rivers- as they did in the US club shows.. thank you all so much." ---'simpleton'

...The "We Are All On Drugs" video premires o FUSE on Monday 8/22, and on Yahoo on Tuesday 8/23. Meanwhile the Hard Rock Live performance looks like its playing on Sept 11 now, according to this page.

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