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08/19/05 the penny that brought you to me

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...MB '05 Tour: Day 72: Munich, Germany - Muffathalle
Today we checked out of the hotel and cruised over to the Muffathalle, except for Brian, who still had several hours left on his bicycle rental, so he decided to follow the bus on his bike. This didnt stop some enterprising autograph hunters from saddling up and following him, getting their autographs at the stop lights!

The Muffathalle is built pretty much right on top of a raging river. Or rather, the river is so compressed by the hydropower dam that runs right underneath the club that is looks like its raging. While none of this has much to do with the rock that takes place insode the club, its still pretty cool looking.

Today things took a bit of doing to get up to speed. Perhaps it was a bit of leftover jet lag, and the late night ride back from Salzburg probably didnt help either. Nor did the fish cooked whole that were on offer in catering! Bleh. But coffee was employed at the right moments, and the available energy was successfully conserved until showtime, where the flag of weezer rock was again unfurled.

Tonight there was a pretty cool opening band, a German pop group called Conic. Nice moog/guitar sound with touches of The Cars and other 80s pop rock.

fan reactions! (more in the comments section)
"...Damn, I can't believe it. I've waited 4 years to see Weezer and then they played in Munich. My friend and I sworn we'll see Weezer. We drove 400 kilometers to Munich. The show was awesome. Hold me was so emotional. Rivers smiled all the time when he played drums at "Photograph". There were all singalongs and we had such a great time in Munich. After the concert the police stopped us by car and my friend had to do a drugtest. :( That was the only bad moment in Munich for us. Thanks for this super show!" ---Daniel S.

"...Just got back from the show in Munich. It took a long time ‘cause we live in Belgium and those German road works can be a pain in the ass... The guys who opened were not bad, but I didn’t like the sound of the bass player. I can’t remember their name, but I liked some of their electro-pop-rock songs. It was nice to see that the Diezel-amps were modified as “weezer-amps”, just like the Marshall-head some years ago. I really liked the sound too, it blew me away during sound check. (I think the pickups of the guitars were changed, need to get one of those Seymour Duncans!)...I saw Weezer at the Pukkelpop festival in ’96 and Werchter festival in ’01, but this time it was more intense. Not a heavy intro song to come on the stage, but a nice old tune. (What was it anyway?) I think everyone in the band was a little bit tired, but after driving through Germany all day long, I can understand how you guys must have felt. Anyway, the show was great, some nice sing-alongs, I felt like I was 15 again, no other band can give me that feeling. During “Fall Together” I thought how nice it would be to have a pick as a souvenir. Scott threw his pick away after the song and somehow I caught it. I hurt my girlfriend’s head when I jumped for it, but it was well worth the pain. ;) Pat’s singing on “Photograph” was great, I hope he will sing some other songs in the future. Rivers was smiling a lot when he was behind the drum-kit...Thanks for the great show. I hope you guys will come to Belgium in the next few years, but it’s not necessary: for weezer I would drive 4 times through Germany." ---C.

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