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08/24/05 as a chicken leg bone

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...MB '05 Tour: Day 77: Dublin, Ireland - The Point
Todays show was at the Point, a cavernous former warehouse that became a rock venue years back, located in the once derelict now booming docklands area of the city, where high tech businesses are taking root as fast as the office space can be built to house them. The Point is a much bigger venue than the cozy Vicar Street was a few months back when weezer first visited Dublin, so the challenge was on to make it exciting and fun for a much larger group of fans.

First up was Turn, who are a Dublin band who are getting some attention these days, and with good reason. Then we got another dose of the Nine Black Alps brand of rock fury, which got the crowd primed for the main attraction. As this was only the second ever visit by weezer to Ireland, the majority of people in the audience had never seen them live before. On the other hand, it seems that pretty much eveyone who had seen them at Vicar Street showed up tonight for a second dose of the weez.

And a sweet second dose it was, with the band continuing to stretch the boundaries, stepping a little farther into once unthinkable territory every night! The sense of real teamwork and genuine fun has been growing all summer, and this is now a weezer that really has never been seen before. Tonight a new milestone was reached, as weezer history was made with something never before done at a weez show, though I'll leave it to the fan comments for the details...

Special guest tonight was Cait formerly of The Pogues, now of the Radiators. Cait is so damn cool its not even funny.

Big ups to local lad Sherry for helping out tonight! And a premium club-level shout out to 'Louweezer' + friend, longtime Irish supporters! A pleasure to finally meet up in person.

fan reactions! (more in the comments section)

"...I just got back from the weezer gig in the point in dublin and what an unbelievable show! they were much more energetic on stage then usual, think rivers must've been on something, and the part where they got someone from the audience to play on undone is something ive never seen weezer do in the 3 times ive seen them (las vegas being the most recent show after tonight). The accoustic island in the sun, where rivers went to the opposite end of the arena, was great as well. pat, brian and scott were firing on all cylinders too! pat's guitar solo on photograph was cool. it was nice to hear el scorcho in there too...after the show a bunch of us got to meet rivers and pat at the window of their dressing room just before we got chased away by security guards. They shook our hands and signed are ticket stubs. it was amazing and i wont soon forget it. thanks lads, come back soon" ---phil, clontarf

"...This gig was absolutely amazing! In Vicar Street a few months ago, I got the impression the guys were somewhat smothered by the size of the venue but tonight at the Point was completely stellar. The swapping around of vocal duties! The instrumental Death and Destruction! Rivers on drums! The invisible encore! That lucky lucky lucky lucky guy who got to go on stage to play Undone and made me wish I'd skipped work to show up ten hours early for the gig! The whole bloody thing! This time we got a really charismatic, appreciative band who worked completely off the huge energy being generated by the crowd. My excitement had been peaking since earlier in the day when Brian came into the guitar store I work in (Perfect Pitch). I was too timid to say hi or anything but my regrets about this have been replaced by my joy at what was truly a faith edifying experience. Rocking the Bitches and Rocking Like Sons of Bitches Since 1994! And many more to come we all hope! Best moment: when we took overrr the first verse of El Scorcho, allowing Rivers to join in on the chorus! Thank you, thank you, thank you." ---Stephen K., Dublin

"...Absolutely mind blowing show in the Point last night. It was my first time to see the Weez (after missing the Vicar Street gig!) and I didn't know what to expect. But WOW! The second they opened with "Don't Let Go" the crowd just surged forwards! It was an atmosphere like no other. They played through all the classics - "Buddy Holly", "El Scorcho", "Say It Ain't So" - everything we could've hoped for. Highlights of the night - "My Name is Jonas" (the whole crowd just went crazy!), "The Sweater Song" (with a shell shocked audience member on the guitar), and of course "Island In the Sun" (won't ruin the surprise for those yet to go see the band!)." ---Stephen M.

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