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08/25/05 and when the sky's full of portent

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...MB '05 Tour: Day 78: Manchester UK - The Academy
Vague Smiths tourism plans to find The Salford Lad's Club and a Strangeways road sign evaporated with the realities of a busy travel and show day, wherein we flew from Dublin to Manchester and boarded a tourbus which took us to the Academy. Manchester University's Academy has played host to countless shows for a long time, and was already well known back in '95 when weezer played here the first time on the Blue Album 'World Domination Tour'. The date was 6/21/95, and though memory is foggy, we think the Opening act was the then-new Cast.

Today's show was quite a different affair than the Blue Album-y gig 10 years ago, with a set drawn from 5 different albums, and involving an array of cool stunts that were unfathomable for this band not too long ago. Yet another milestone tonight, involving a cooperative surfing experience thats never been tried before in weezer. That on top of the recent breakthroughs combined for a fairly stunning night! Great work by the band, and huge kudos to the crew guys for rolling with the changes and coming up with the innovations on the fly that are necessary to pull these ideas off! And big ups to Mancunian Alex for helping out tonight!

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