Karl's Corner - 08/27/2005

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08/27/05 cause you can't drown a dream!

...MB '05 Tour: Day 80: fly home for a short break
Today everyone boarded various loooong flights to go home, some to LA, some to other points for personal time. In about 10 days we start things back up in Atlanta with the Foo Fighters, in what promises to be one of the coolest and most fun weezer tours ever.... see you there! Stay tuned for presale and onsale info that hasnt been released yet - the full list of shows will hit soon, taking us to the end of October. Look for announcments soon for shows in Long Beach, Portland, OR, Seattle, and San Jose. Ive seen no further info at all on the once-mentioned Grand Rapids, Baltimore and Fresno shows, so I am forced to conclude that they are probably not happening. But I'll confirm one way or another asap.