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2009/08/28 Weezer Radio Launch! / Sad News / Articles

2009/08/28 Weezer Radio Launch! / Sad News / Articles

+++ Some very sad news has come over the wire - Adam Goldstein A.K.A. DJ AM has passed away unexpectedly. DJ AM was a close friend and collaborator with Blink-182's Travis Barker and had just last year survived a fatal plane crash alongside Travis. The Weezer family extends our condolences to Travis and all the Blink folks at this sad time. +++

*** NEW SINGLE "I Want You To" on iTunes now! Click here! ***


LOS ANGELES, CA (August 28, 2009) – Weezer is set to be the third act to “go A.P.E.” on their fans and music lovers everywhere. Next week, listeners on the virtual airwaves should prepare for the debut of the band’s own Artist Personal Experience radio station, “Radio Weezer,” on Friday, August 28 at 7:00am EST.

Radio Weezer” will be distributed across Clear Channel Radio’s “iheartradio” network (www.iheartradio.com), which includes hundreds of local radio websites; the popular iheartradio mobile app, which has been downloaded by 2.8 million people in just 10 months; widgets; and www.Weezer.com. Just like the other A.P.E. stations, fans can participate in “Radio Weezer” by emailing their comments to weezer@aperadio.com or calling 1-866-686-1010.

When the public tunes into “Radio Weezer,” they’ll hear selected playlists of some of the band’s favorite songs, including artists such as Green Day, MGMT, Bob Dylan, Sly and the Family Stone and many more. Interviews plus eclectic stories told by the band members themselves –such as frontman Rivers Cuomo discussing Van Morrison’s influence on Weezer’s second album, to bassist Scott Shriner on how Vanilla Ice saved him from a job selling women’s shoes to tour with the rapper and more -- will punctuate the programming. The station will also feature bandmates Brian Bell and Pat Wilson’s personal contributions, all serving to create an alternative station unlike any other, and attractive to all fans of innovative audio entertainment.

Says Wilson, “I’m very excited to be a part of making playlists for Weezer’s radio station. I think its fun for our fans to hear the type of music that we like to listen to. It’s fun to be a part of the rapidly changing technology and we hope the fans like it as much as we do.”

A round-up of recent interviews and articles:

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...Mtv article on Radio Weezer with Brian

...Mtv article on 'Raditude' with Brian

...Chart Attack review of the Toronto show.

...Reminder: Weezer's new single, the first from their upcoming 7th album "Raditude" is called "(If you're wondering if i want you to) I want you to". And the super simple radio request phrase once again is: "(If you're wondering if i want you to play "(If you're wondering if i want you to) I want you to", yes, I want you to play "(If you're wondering if i want you to) I want you to". What could be easier? ***Debuted at #21 on 8/27! #1 most played on KROQ Los Angeles! Thanks to you!***

"Raditude". Out 10/27 from Weezer. Produced by Jacknife Lee and Butch Walker. Featuring (If you're wondering if i want you to) I want you to", "Trippin' Down The Freeway", "Can't Stop Partying", "The Girl Got Hot", "I'm Your Daddy", and "In The Mall", just to name a few!