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09/11/05 stool boom, just three legs...

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...MB '05 Tour: Day 85: Foozer/Wee Fighters #3: Tampa FL - St. Pete Times Arena
Sunday in downtown Tampa...can you say 'sleepy'? Not a heck of a lot going on around here! Therefore the Foozer juggernaut has come to shake things up a bit! We rolled in to find another ice-less ice rink, only this one was infested with mysterious pockets of eau de ass. You'd be walking around and turn a corner backstage and BAM! Like 100 rats had died up in the air conditioning vents 10 years ago and the smell was just sorta lingering, ready to strike without warning! Either that or there was a secret club of B.O. enthusiasts meeting somewhere. It was enough to alter backstage traffic patterns away from certain trouble spots!

But not enough to derail the rock assault, not by any means.

fan reactions! (see more in the comment section and add your own)

"...VERY AMAZING! This show just blew away the Hard Rock show last month....no comparison...I was front row against the rail on Scott's side. They started off with "Dont Let Go", which was pretty cool cause Rivers was singing it a bit different at times.....so much better than the album version. Then they went into "my name is jonas"......it was so rocking. Dont remember the exact setlist after that. The only new song, was "In the Garage" with Scott on vocals. With rivers introducing, "Scotts going to do In the Garage for you now, this is the first time we have done this." ...all I can say is........Scott ******* nailed it! As good...actually a lot better than "Fall Together". Rivers was smiling the whole entire time just going from one end of the stage.....(2 feet in front of my face!!!!) to the other side of the stage. Just enjoying it a lot...Pat singing "photograph" was sweet. I was watching Rivers playing the drums....he was pretty into it. Singing along, not into a mic, but just mouthing the words. Then at the end of photograph, Scott and Brian both came to the drum set and started playing on it with Rivers...and Pat was soloing away, and finger tapping...They were all smiling and just enjoying themselves. They were playing like a unit the whole night.......a =w= unit you can say...Scott picked a person from the audience to play Undone...he said he wanted a girl to play tonight. So he picked this girl Jackie who was right near me to play. Rivers sprinted his way towards the stage to start the song It was pretty funny.....he didnt get there in time to pick up his guitar right before he started to sing. He just looked at his guitar and was like......oh ****, haha. It was awesome. But he did eventually get his hands on it after the first verse I believe...Perfect Situation, Surf Wax, Say, and Why Bother (Brian on vocals) were all awesome. A couple times Rivers, Scott and Brian came together and played near each other. One time will all 3 backs against the other. It was pretty rocking. They seemed like they were having a lot of fun. They also played "El Scorcho".....with Rivers not playing his guitar. I know people said in Atlanta he seemed like a drunk person, but here he just seemed like he was feeling the song. Looking up towards the sky and moving a lot. It was the most energy i've seen him have........ever. Another highlight was the "we are all on drugs" solo. Wow, Rivers was totally into it.....getting on the floor and tearing it up. Ending it on surf wax as usual was nice too, with rivers before the song saying......"Lets make this a crazy one." And thats about it. It was an amazing show....very energetic. The whole band seemed happy...Foo Figherts set was very very very awesome as well. Having Dave Grohl literally right in front of you rocking it on guitar is a feeling you dont get that often. It was such a surreal moment." ---Nishant

"...Last night's show in Tampa was overwhelming. My two favorite bands under one roof, bringing their own brand of ROCK to the masses. Too many legends on stage at once. It was glorious....It was nice to hear Dave Grohhl make a shout out to weezer: 'It's great to be able to perform with another ROCK band at a ROCK show for people that know how to ROCK' or something like that. Oh, Dave Grohl, you rascal. Thank you, Foozer. Keep raising that goblet of rock." ---Glenn W.

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...The remaining Hard Rock Live performance (taped in Orlando on July 17) air times:
Mon 09/12 - 12:30 AM ET - Mtv
Tue 09/13 - 01:30 AM ET - Mtv

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