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10/07/05 with a western star to guide us

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...MB '05 Tour: Day 110: Foozer/Wee Fighters 14: Detroit, MI - Joe Louis Arena
Today we were deep down in Joe Louis Arena. This place is the ancestral home of the Detroit Red Wings, and has just about as much Detroit soul as Hitsville USA. Next door to the Joe Louis is the Cobo Hall, site of countless rock adventures including 'The Cobo Challenge' skateboard luge event of '01, starring Pat. So our hopes of staging a sequel were dashed, but so it goes. Theres rock to take care of.

Second show in a row tonight, and things went pretty much like the night before, which is to say pretty close to excellent all around. The Detroit crowd was veering somewhere between nuts and mellow throughout the night, with a few surfers here and there and plenty of strong sing alongs. Thanks to tonights 'Undone' voulunteer, Chris, who it turns out happens to be in a band. And big ups to Scott Shriner's dad, in the hizzouse!

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"...that was the most amazing event of my life! It was my 15th birthday, with two other friends, and we had a blast. Four years of the love for the weez, finally culminating in my first experience seeing them live! it was almost too much too handle, being 20 feet from the band. The guy who played Undone looked like he was really enjoying himself, and I noticed he was from my hometown...I loved how Scott told us his dad was in the audience, and sang Dope Nose. And Rivers talked about a new song... "Today in the hotel room, I wrote a new song. It's called Piece of the Pie. We can't play it for you, because you'll record it and put it on the internet. And by the time the new album comes out, you'll all be sick of it!" Whether it's true or not, these are very encouraging to a fan. thanks, Weezer, for giving me the best birthday present ever!" ---Bill

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The current tour merchandise(updated 10/07/05).
(Note: these shirts are bootlegs - do not buy them if you see them! *updated 10/7*)

...These 2 shows have just been added! Note they are Weezer headlining shows, not Foozer shows. we dont know who the opening act is yet.

10/29 - Fresno, CA - Selland Arena - on sale now!
10/30 - Las Vegas, NV - Hard Rock - on sale now!

...Weezer on the Howard Stern Show Monday 10/17!
...Weezer on AOL Sessions on Wednesday 10/19!
...Weezer on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno Thursday 10/20!

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