Karl's Corner - 10/12/2009

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2009/10/12 Raditude iTunes Pass, Twitter interview, More!

2009/10/12 Raditude iTunes Pass, Twitter interview, More!

Raditude out 11/3 - Sidney sez click cover to see me bigger!

...now class, listen up, we've got a lot to go over here. First off - "Raditude" comes out NOVEMBER 3, but theres a way to start getting it now, as well as a TON of exclusive bonus stuff on top of it - via ordering the Weezer iTunes Pass! Fans who purchase the WEEZER iTunes Pass ($19.99) will receive a variety of content beginning on October 13th with a cover of The Clash’s “Should I Stay Or Should I Go” and continuing in weekly installments until November 24th. The WEEZER iTunes Pass includes a deluxe version of the band’s new album Raditude plus exclusive additional tracks, live recordings, remixes, behind-the-scenes video footage and the music video for single “(If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To.” You can also do a preorder of the regular album on iTunes, which gets you 2 exclusive bonus tracks too (delivered digitally Nov 3).

...Don't miss the trendsetting Twitter Weezer Inverview - Now up at www.askweezer.com! Go there and send in your questions NOW!

...Weezer Snuggies now available in the store! Dont miss the preorder specials! More to come!

...heres a video of Kevin Smith (Clerks, Mallrats, etc!) talking about a rejected video treatment he did for weezer back in 2002. (It was for 'Keep Fishin' - He was edged out by the Muppets)

...The video for "(If you're wondering if I want you to), I want you to", is nearly ready for the world! Saw a rough cut the other day, it really looks awesome! And note that TOMORROW, Wed 14th, on Mtv, you can see the behind the scenes set visit of the shoot! Wed 10/14- 4:05am, 5:40am, 7:10am

...Reminder: Tap Tap Revenge 3 ihas now launched, with Weezer music! We've teamed up with Tapulous to bring you the best music-gaming experience of your life. You can listen to Weezer music and play it on the newest game - Tap Tap Revenge 3! Tap along with your favorite songs! The all new Tap Tap Revenge 3 features enhanced gameplay, custom themes, and over 100 free songs! Challenge your friends, or anyone around the world through the online gaming arena with bombs and weapons, customizable avatars, integrated chat and even more new features. Now on iTunes.

A great Halloweezer video from the fans at allthingsweezer.com...

...Rivers interview with Triple J Australian radio in this podcast - Rivers part starts at 22:30.

...Interview with Flaming Lips producer/Mercury Rev member Dave Fridman (who was one of the engineers on Pinkerton) in this podcast - he is asked about his work on Pinkerton starting at about 8 minutes in. The whole podcast is really interesting.

...Reminder: Rivers talks about "Raditude" and his various attitudes with Pitchfork.

...todays picture courtesy of young weezer fan Jack Calde.