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10/26/05 nothing ever happens, it's all the same

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...MB '05 Tour: Day 129: Foozer/Wee Fighters #24: Key Arena - Seattle, WA
In the shadow of the Space Needle, the Key Arena sits, nestled in the Queen Anne neighbrohood of Seattle. Why cant all the arenas be right in the city like this one? It gets lonely out in the middle of endless acres of parking lots, 20 minutes away from the city. Well, its just one more reason that Seattle is cool. One thing that counteracted some coolness however, at least for the ravenous fans in the audience, was the very restrictive rules about crowdsurfing and moshing. Its nice for those who dont want to get squashed, but it creates a bit of a frustrated vibe in the crowd sometimes. Apparently thise who came over the front got marked with a pen or something, and if they came over a second time they'd get ejected. This in the hometown of grunge! What's the world comin' to?

Anyway, another good show tonight, in whats turned out to be quite a string of good ones over these last few weeks. The Foozer tour is gonna be one for the books!

Thanks to tonight's 'Undone' acoustic guitar helper/free Washburn acoustic winner, "Johnny", who is apparently not named Johnny - the band mis-heard him! Well, whoever you are, thanks and congrats! And big ups to another Johnny, whose name is actually John - John D., bicycle consultant and legal consul to the stars, in the hizzouse tonight!

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The current tour merchandise(updated 10/25/05).
(Note: these shirts are bootlegs - do not buy them if you see them! *updated 10/15*)

...There is a new interview with Rivers online now, from AOL.com. This interview was conducted with AOL IM, and the transcript is here.

....A new Yahoo! news story about Rivers' springtime plans and more is here.

...The "We Are All On Drugs" video has climbed to #10 this week on the MuchMusic Countdown this week.

...The new single from "Make Believe" is "Perfect Situation", and its out now. Call your local station and request it! Let's push this great song to the heights it deserves! The video for this song was shot last week in LA and is now in the editing room. It should be out soon. More info when we have it.

Headlining shows coming up now! Folks, these 2 shows will be the last US weezer shows for what looks to be a looong time - make the trip if you can! Freakout in Fresno!
10/29 - Fresno, CA - Selland Arena - on sale now!
10/30 - Las Vegas, NV - Hard Rock - on sale now!

...Plus the remaining Foozer show in Oakland.

...Weezer on AOL Sessions (taping) on Wednesday 11/01 - air date TBA (schedule change)

...A full account of Weezer's 10/17 visit to The Howard Stern show (incl. pix!) is here.

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