Karl's Corner - 11/01/2005

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11/01/05 the sun goes down, we head for home

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...MB '05 Tour: Day 134: AOL Sessions taping - Capitol Records tower, Studio A
Today the band gear was loaded into Studio A in the Hollywood landmark Capitol Records building, for one last gig before the break and the December Japan tour. The band ran thru five songs several times each, and were both recorded to multitrack and filmed. AOL Sessions was once a more common thing for bands to do but it has evolved into a fairly exclusive gig, sort of like getting on a TV show, though it doesnt play on TV. The 5 songs, plus an interview and a behind the scenes mini documentary will all appear on the AOL Sessions site, though we dont have an exact date when yet. I was told that they usually take a solid 2 weeks to edit, mix and process everything before it goes up on the site. So at this point we can hope to see it up in the second week of November.... ish?!

Large size picture link: here.

The new video for "Perfect Situation" will be having an "All Day Premiere" on MTV2 on Friday, November 11th. All Day Premieres mean that they will be playing the video a whole bunch of times that day, so chances are when you turn on Mtv2 on 11/11, you'll see it pretty soon.

..."Perfect Situation" single: The single is the 3rd from "Make Believe", and its out now. I've heard it several times on L.A.'s KROQ in the last few days, and I don't turn on the radio very often! Call your local station and request it - let's push this great song to the heights it deserves! It was the #1 requested song on Rock 102.1 in Milwaukee last week, thank you Milwaukee fans!

...There is a new interview with Rivers online now, from AOL.com. This interview was conducted with AOL IM, and the transcript is here.

....A new Yahoo! news story about Rivers' springtime plans and more is here. Also see similar takes on the subject at Billboard.com and CNN.com.

...A full account of Weezer's 10/17 visit to The Howard Stern show (incl. pix!) is here.

...December Japan Tour Dates (try for tickets here, good luck with the language gap)

December 15, 2005 Osaka - Zepp
December 16, 2005 Osaka - Zepp
December 17, 2005 Fukuoka - Zepp
December 19, 2005 Nagoya - Zepp
December 20, 2005 Tokyo - Studio Coast
December 21, 2005 Tokyo - Studio Coast
December 22, 2005 Tokyo - Studio Coast