Karl's Corner - 11/27/2005

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11/27/05 or roasting up some frozen wieners

View larger - 11/27/05 or roasting up some frozen wieners

...hey everybody! Well, November pushes onward, with the weez men out accomplishing various feats of strength and the airing of grievances...oh, wait, thats Festivus. Well, we'll call it personal time. Trekking through various exotic locales, solidifying ties and searching within for truth! Those are feats of strength anyhow. And in a few weeks, the final leg of the 2005 Make Believe Tour will pick up in Japan, and the rock shall rise again. Beyond the holidays, we know that Rivers will be completing his degree at Harvard in the spring while the others work on music and their own bags. While there is definitely no timetable at this point, there is optimism within the band that the weez will indeed rise again someday, whether in a studio or on the road or both. When? Dunno, but don't sweat it - we'll keep ya posted, and we'll hopefully have some suprises now and again on the website in the meantime.

...CONTEST: Weezer is part of a new MySpace contest where the grand prize is an XBox 360 and other prizes include the inaugural MySpace Records release "MySpace Vol.1" which features music from all sortsa bands including Weezer, who contributed "We Are All On Drugs". So enter the contest now, and keep an eye on the Weezer Myspace Page and the Myspace Music page.

...TRL PREMIERE: Look for the "Perfect Situation" video on Mtv's TRL on this coming Wednesday, November 30! And don't forget to vote for it on the TRL webpage! (The video is coming to the weezer.com media page asap! In the meantime, its up on Yahoo! Music)

...speaking of new releases featuring Weezer, Check out the new "Now That's What I Call Music: Volume 20" CD, as it includes Weezer's big '05 hit "Beverly Hills". I don't think a weezer song has made a "Now That's What I call Music" CD before... leave it to Beverly Hills, the Make Believe juggernaut!

...in response to various questions that have come in about "Perfect Situation" - The version of the song you hear in the video, and may be hearing on the radio (if the station has chosen to play it instead of the original album version), is officially called the Radio Remix. You may recall news of the band doing a small recording session at the beginning of the Foozer tour in Atlanta - the work done there was for this remix. In this version, the instrumental introduction has been shortened and the band added some extra backup vocals, as well as some slight mixing changes for the radio. Also, the chorus melody has been revised, reflecting a change that happened on the road this year when 'sing-along' audiences tended to sing a different melody than what was on the cd, prompting the band to reconsider what was the 'right' melody for the chorus! Anyway, for the moment, this version is only available on the promotional CDs that were sent to radio stations. We dont yet know if there will be a UK/Euro/Int'l cd single for Perfect Situation, but if there is, it would be available on that. Also, once the "Make Believe" album goes into future repressings (soon), it will have this version on it instead of the original mix.

...Last Sunday 11/20, we were expecting that Toronto's 102.1 The Edge would broadcast an "Ongoing History Of New Music" episode on Weezer, with a particular focus on Rivers. However, several fans have contacted us with the news that no such episode aired. We dont have any info on this yet, but its likely the show simply got pushed back. When we get new info, we'll report it here.

...The iTunes celebrity playlist released on November 15, 2005 by Daniel Radcliffe (aka Harry Potter) includes Buddy Holly. Radcliffe's comment: "Quite simply one of the best pop songs ever written." Nice.

...Large size picture link: here. (picture from 11/1 AOL session)

...December Japan Tour Dates (try for tickets here, good luck with the language gap), and note that we are hearing talk that some of these have sold out already.
December 15, 2005 Osaka - Zepp
December 16, 2005 Osaka - Zepp
December 17, 2005 Fukuoka - Zepp
December 19, 2005 Nagoya - Zepp
December 20, 2005 Tokyo - Studio Coast
December 21, 2005 Tokyo - Studio Coast
December 22, 2005 Tokyo - Studio Coast