Karl's Corner - 11/30/2009

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2009/11/30 Raditude Tour: Chicago: Aragon Ballroom - Rehearsal day

2009/11/30 Raditude Tour: Chicago: Aragon Ballroom - Rehearsal day

Today the troops assembled in Chicagoland for the first Weezer appearence here since last year. Yesterday the crew and the gear showed up, today everything got set up and tested all morning and afternoon, and in the evening the band arrived, fresh off the plane from L.A. to fine tune the rock for tomorrows tour kickoff here at the Aragon Ballroom. They rehearsed for about 3-4 hours, going over sections of the set and repeating various songs to get the sounds dialed in and the transitions ironed out. The bulk of the preparation was already done in the past 2 weeks of rehearsals back in L.A., but theres always things to go over one more time...

...Tuesday morning 12/1, keep an eye on this site!

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...Here's a new Rivers interview, with the Toronto Sun/Jam Canada

...upcoming TV:

* Weezer will be hosting Mtv2's Subterranean show this coming Sunday December 6th.

* STILL UNKNOWN airdate - Weezer performing a cool song about bugs while in bug costumes, on the Yo Gabba Gabba show! Airtime TBA.

...weezer tribute band alert!
The Wheeze will be playing at Paladino's in Tarzana, CA on Saturday, December 5 @ 7 PM.

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