Karl's Corner - 12/08/2005

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12/08/05 going to the drive in

...Grammy Nomination for weezer! "Beverly Hills" has been nominated in the Best Rock Song catergory for the 2006 Grammy Awards, up against U2, Foo Fighters, Coldplay, and Bruce Springsteen. The Grammy Awards take place on Feb 8th at the Staples Center in L.A.

...The Foozer tour was awarded "Most Creative Tour Package" at The 17th Annual Concert Industry Awards.

...coming soon to iTunes: "Winter Weezerland".

...The Beverly Hills video made #11 on the VH1 top videos of 2005 countdown last Friday.

...Vote for "Perfect Situation" on the TRL webpage! Your vote counts and is mucho appreciated! (The video is coming to the weezer.com media page asap! In the meantime, its up on Yahoo! Music)

...The Weezer/Rivers edition of "The Ongoing History Of New Music" that we originally thought was going to be broadcast on 11/20, ended up playing on 11/13 and 11/27 instead. Go figure. The shows are usually archived via transcripts on the 102.1 Edge website. (Podcast avail here, but it's unclear if you can get previous shows.)

...dont forget to enter the MySpace Records Contest. (win an XBox 360!)

...December Japan Tour Dates (try for tickets here, good luck with the language gap), and note that we are hearing talk that some of these have sold out already.
December 15, 2005 Osaka - Zepp
December 16, 2005 Osaka - Zepp
December 17, 2005 Fukuoka - Zepp
December 19, 2005 Nagoya - Zepp
December 20, 2005 Tokyo - Studio Coast
December 21, 2005 Tokyo - Studio Coast
December 22, 2005 Tokyo - Studio Coast

...message from a far flung land: "...the music of Weezer is being spread throughout the Middle East! My friend and fellow Weezer enthusiast, Ryan, is currently stationed in Kuwait for military duty. He works hard through the long hours in the heat, and when his day of work is completed he relaxes to the sounds of Weezer, sharing the =W= magic with his fellow countrymen. Ryan has proved to be a dedicated ambassador of both our country and of Weezer. Before his tour of duty he spread the music of Weezer to many across his home state of Wisconsin. I hope we can publish this message on the Weezer site to honor Ryan and all of those individuals in the military for their faithful service to our country. Ryan continues to honorably serve his country and spread the music of Weezer in the process. The band should be proud to have such a fan, rockin out diligently in the Middle East!" ---Dave