Karl's Corner - 12/09/2008

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12/09/08 Greatest Man / Children Of Winter team-up!

12/09/08 Greatest Man / Children Of Winter team-up!

Ok folks, heres something extra cool. "Children Of Winter", the latest edition of the annual Warren Miller ski/snowboard/crazy action film extravaganza series has started its tour of theaters around the country, and Weezer has 2 songs in the film: "Troublemaker" and "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived".

The "Greatest Man That Ever Lived" segment has now also been made into its own stand-alone music video, to both promote the film... and to promote "Greatest Man" as a new single! This video will be debuting on the homepage of GrindTV.com TODAY (Tuesday), so be sure to check it out!! (Note that while this isnt "THE" music video for "Greatest Man" - it's "a" music video - its nonetheless very cool indeed!)

So - check out the Greatest Man /Children Of Winter video later today on GrindTV.com, and check out the Warren Miller site to see when "Children of Winter" will be hitting your town, and to see the films trailer and other details like the soundtrack list! (the film also happens to include a pair of tracks from yours truly...rock!)