Karl's Corner - 12/11/2000

From Weezerpedia

..the hammer comes down... here's whats still breathing after the dust settled on todays FURIOUS rehearsal/song choosing session...

    If You Want It
    Sugar Booger
    Island In the Sun
    Childhood Ties
    Don't Let Go
    Inside a Smile
    Hash Pipe
    O Girlfreind
    I Wish You Luck
    Gimmie Some Love
    Teenage Vict'ry Song
    Knock-Down Drag-Out
    Oh Lisa

...and, hanging on by a thread...

    My Best Freinds
    Cryin' And Lonely
    Castles In The Sand
    I Hear Bells

...It's also not impossible that other songs not listed could pop up in the bottom tier, and subsequently work their way into the final cut. But this would only apply to a very few songs at this point. There are a few songs that I really wanted to be on the main list that are not there (damn!) ...but I can assure you that the songs that are on the above list are AMAZING.