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12/16/05 fruit punch, chocolate cake

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...MB '05 Tour: Day 138: Mos Burger Tour day 4: Osaka, Japan - Club Zepp (#2)
In the words of Luke Cage, Power Man: sweet jumpin' Christmas! Today started with various morning forays out into Osaka in search of goods and services (including Mos Burger for some), followed by a pair of radio station interviews at the hotel, with “Rock the Radio” FM and “Weekend Go Go” FM. Then it was time for another minivan ride out to the WTC zone where Zepp is located. Now that the whole band is in one place, they were able to have a real soundcheck and get into the groove somethin' proper. These shows creep up fast as theres no opening act and they start letting the people in at 6 pm. So once the soundcheck is done, theres just time for a snack in the catering room and then its time for the band to do their vocal warm ups up until showtime at 7.

So yeah: sweet jumpin' Christmas! That about sums up Osaka show #2. First of all, the band is getting focused like a laser beam, and with Pat feeling better and the band having the chance to soundcheck today and gel a little, its like they havent taken a break at all. There is a real command of the stage happening. Secondly, tonights crowd gave any crowd from '05 a major run for their money. It was just a writhing mass of rediculous energy and sheer joy. These people were going crazy! All in all it was a good omen for the upcoming live performance shoot taking place at 2 of the Tokyo shows, intended for a future live DVD. If its only half as energetic and excellent sounding as todays show, it's totally in the bag.

Thanks to Noke(?) from Osaka for helping out on "Undone" on the acoustic guitar. Brevis. Cedric. Kanky. The Daily Yomiuri. And big ups to Ayumi, super-fan!

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The Japan tour merchandise.

...thanks to fan Rob W. for this week's handy chart round up:

"Beverly Hills"
#37 Billboard Hot 100 (+1)
#23 Billboard Pop 100 (-1)
#20 Billboard Pop 100 Airplay (n/c)
#40 Billboard Hot Digital Songs (-8)
#9 Billboard Adult Top 40 (n/c)

"Perfect Situation"
#5 Billboard Modern Rock (n/c)
#92 Billboard Hot 100 (debut)
#89 Billboard Pop 100 (+ 10)
#12 ModernRock.com (+2)

Make Believe
#83 Billlboard 200 (+17)

and to confirm Rob's suspicion, this is indeed the first time weezer has ever had two songs in the Hot 100 at the same time!

...meanwhile on iTunes, "Beverly Hills" was named #2 best selling single for '05.

...tribute band alert - UK:
tonight, 12/17 - See Weezish at the Launch Party for the "Tidy" Skate Video @ The Herdsman, Hereford, UK. Weezish will be playing for an hour, playing songs from all the Weezer LPs.

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