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12/17/05 prom night, county fair

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...MB '05 Tour: Day 139: Mos Burger Tour day 5: Fukuoka, Japan - Club Zepp
Another day, another Zepp. But not just any Zepp! Plus, snow! Unexpected minced pork! Hard Rock! Wild rock! Wawaweewaa!
It's time for answers. Tomorrow has built a Shinkasen to today. Welcome to the bullet train, whereupon the musical band people travelled in the morning from Osaka to Fukuoka. This took a little more than 2 hours, plenty of time for Pat to explore the outer reaches of arcade game emulation. We went directly from the Fukuoka train station to the club, which was another in the chain of Zepps that dot Japan. This Zepp is located next to the home of the Hawks baseball team, plus an adjacient indoor outdoor mall. It wasnt exactly mall walking weather, with flurries and arctic winds blowing, but people were doing it anyway. At one point, both the Hard Rock Cafe and the neighboring HMV were blasting "Make Believe" at the same time, just about 1 song apart from each other. It was neat walking by the Hard Rock hearing "Pardon Me", and turning into the HMV to hear "My Best Friend".

Todays show was even earlier than usual. Showtimes in Japan are typically early, and most of them on this tour call for the band on stage at 7 PM. Today was even earlier - doors at 5, band at 6. So by 7:45, people were filing out into the chilly Saturday night, in search of Mos Burger (we assume).

But while they were inside, they were off the hizzoo, just about as nuts as the second Osaka show's crowd. The band fufilled their end of the bargain as well. This little tour may be short but its really long on energy and quality.

Thanks to Genki(?) from Fukuoka for helping out with "Undone" on the acoustic guitar.

Directly after the show, the band did an interview for the “Week In Rock” show on Love FM with DJ Moses. Also the weather took a turn for the worse, and the rumors were flying of the roads being blocked by a snowstorm, which would in turn delay the gear getting to Nagoya and the bullet train getting the band to Nagoya. Fortunately tomorrow is a day off - we'll get there sooner or later. Hopefully early enough to locate the essentials - Starbucks and Mos Burger, of course.

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The Japan tour merchandise.

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