Karl's Corner - 12/18/2005

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12/18/05 same old thing, c'est la guerre

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...MB '05 Tour: Day 140: Mos Burger Tour day 6: off - travel to Nagoya
Today started with a fairly long Shinkasen train ride from Fukuoka up to Nagoya. The closer we got to Nagoya the more snow we saw on the ground, and it was flurrying pretty hard all afternoon and night once we got there, which is apparently pretty rare 'round here. The evening consisted of getting majorly lost in the massive labrynth of subway stations, malls, subway malls, and other assorted indoor and underground effluvia, plus eating at a tasty noodle house and being bewildered by the sheer impossible volume of goods for sale at every turn, and the multitudes of weekend holiday shoppers scooping it up, snow or no snow.

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The Japan tour merchandise.

...The Harvard Crimson reports on Rivers' Top 20 songs of 2005.