Karl's Corner - 12/19/2005

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12/19/05 go to church, mow the lawn

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...MB '05 Tour: Day 141: Mos Burger Tour day 7: Nagoya - Club Zepp
Yet another club Zepp in an unending array of Club Zepps. Plus, stylish tweed overcoats. Slushy sidewalks. Taiko drum video games. I like!
The first order of the day was a pair of interviews, conducted at the hoteru. First with “Midnight Jams” for Zip FM, then with “Radio Interline” for Radio 1 FM. Both of these are being turned into 30 minute specials on their respective stations.

The Nagoya crowd at first seemed kinda restrained compared to the last few nights, but they finally found their voice with a little egging on from Rivers displays of sheer energy, soundly complemented by the rest of the weez-men's raw soul power. Tonight was another in a serieds of really strong shows, though there was a bit of technical tomfoolery going on here and there, again more than made up for with spirit and energy. Everything looks and sounds tip top for the upcoming 2 nights of dvd video shooting in Tokyo.

Thanks to Yoshi(?) (Yuichi? what was that guys name?) from Nagoya for helping out with "Undone" on the acoustic guitar. Sorry to the "guy from Pennsylvania" (as Scott put it, heh heh) - looks like they were looking for a Nagoya local for the shredding duties.

Shout outs and big ups to Rockin' Rie and to (???), whose thoughtful gift of PB Twix (where they cannnot be bought!) and a crazy 'Karl' toy are much appreciated! Happy suprise time, it nice!

Large size picture link: here, more: 1, 2, 3.

The Japan tour merchandise.

...Theres a new article on cnn.com about Rivers here.

...Check out the Myspace Records Vol 1 special on Fuse! This is a multi artist special (including weezer of course), see it at these times:
Premieres: Tuesday December 20th @ 9pm EST
Repeats: Wednesday December 21st @ 1am EST
Friday December 23rd @ 2:30pm EST
Saturday December 24th @ 1pm EST
Sunday December 25th @ 9:30pm EST
Monday December 26th @ 2pm EST
Saturday December 31st @ 2pm EST