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12/22/05 cuz nothing ever happens... zero ever happens

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...MB '05 Tour: Day 144: Mos Burger Tour day 10: Tokyo - Studio Coast (#3)
The kanjoo-teki finale...the last show, the penultimate tour date of '05 (travel day tomorrow = last day)...set suprises...Shark fin sake in a chemically self heating can...tanoshii for all...
Today people got as much walking around and shopping done in the AM as possible, as its the last full day in Japan, and this tour has sort of doubled as the holiday gift locating time for many people on the tour. The shooting for the live DVD is now 'in the can', so there was a good deal less chaos today overall, but there was still plenty to do once we got over to Studio Coast, namely 3 filmed interviews before showtime. These were with Mtv Japan, M-on TV, and CX TV "Factry". All 3 interviews are being used for 30 minute specials on their respective networks.
Showtime! The last show of '05, the last in a long arc starting back in the springtime in Vancouver, BC, that brought weezer around the world and back again more than once (though indeed, not everywhere they wanted to go - some places remain on the docket still). Tonight the stops were pulled out, as the DVD taping was over and it was 100% about bringing the joy to the fans, and getting it back. Overall the show was similar to the last 2 great nights, but there was something extra magical and emotional, knowing it was the last weezer show for what will likely be a good long while.
There were some suprises in the set tonight, in addition to the recently ressurected "Across The Sea". "Haunt You Every Day" returned after many month's absence, and weezer's first public performance of the cover song "I Don't Know How To Love Her", which was originally "I Don't Know How To Love Him" from the soundtrack to "Jesus Christ Superstar". In addition, Scott's mini bass solo section (prefacing the start of "Surf Wax" since sometime on the Foozer tour) evolved over the last few days to include a basstrumental version of "Joy To The World", a nice little holiday treat. The whole show was pretty devastating. Grown men in the audience were crying!
After the show, the band had one more filmed interview to do, with DJ Fujita of “Love CHR” TVK. This one will also be turned into a 30 minute special, on TVK.
So thats it for shows in '05! Tomorrow we pack up and fly home.

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