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12/23/05 Bupkis ever happens in Blaine

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..MB '05 Tour: Day 145: Mos Burger Tour day 11: end of tour - fly home
And that's that, folks - the 2005 Make Believe Tour is over! Mixed emotions all around. An awesome sense of triumph and success mixed with the sad goodbyes and the mystery of what the future holds. As Rivers returns to school in the spring and everyone takes care of personal business (some pretty majorly cool stuff!) for a while, yet continues to work towards a musical future nonetheless, only time will tell when the weezer machine will get back into full gear.

Its not going to be entirely quiet around the weezer hood, not by a long shot. Everyone is planning on writing music, and indeed a good deal of songs have been already created while the band was still on tour this fall. Pat's even building a new home studio to better work on music. Also Brian and Pat are going to be recording a cover version of The Velvet Underground's "Heroin" and will actually be appearing in the in-production film "Factory Girl" about the 60's Andy Warhol scene, performing the song. And around these weezer.com parts, updates, overhauls, fresh stuff and a few suprises are on the horizon. (Its no secret that the site has some neglected corners that need a serious dusting off - this type of work and more is in the works). Im also happy to say that it looks like Santa will indeed be bringing you a present or 2 this year - but its not clear when exactly this will arrive in your, uh, digital chimneys - asap, of course, but its doubtful youll see anything on the morn of 12/25. Hopefully it wont be more than a few days late. Just so's ya know!
Also, this live DVD is in the works. weve got the footage, now its a matter of putting it together. I dont have any info as to a projected release time yet, but it will happen in '06 for sure.

CONGRATULATIONS to the band for a fantastic and successful 2005! And HUGE thank you's to all the crew, staff, local personel, and YOU, the fans, who helped make everything happen, from the tour dates to the travel to the interviews to the TV stuff, and everything inbetween.
Japan Tour thank yous to the AWESOME, undefeated heavyweight champ weezer crew and staff: Bobby, Kurt, Craig, Arthur, Leif, Kevin, Aron, Stuart, and Sarah C. ...Seriously, find me a better crew. Couldn't do it, could ya?
Japanese crew and staff:
From Creativeman: Naoki Shimizu, Julie, Layli, 'Ao', Toshie, and "K2".
Japanese crew: "Nishi", Miwako, Kenji and Hiroaki.
And finally, NOBBY from Universal Music!

Large size picture link: here.

...Theres an article on cnn.com about Rivers here.

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