List of Special Goodness concerts

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Date Venue Location
07/06/1999 17 Nautical Miles Portland, OR
07/08/1999 Tommy John's Salem, OR
07/22/1999 Sit-N-Spin Seattle, WA
07/23/1999 The Old Firehouse Renmond, WA
07/24/1999 The Purple Onion Vancouver, BC, Canada
08/03/1999 Crocodile Cafe Seattle, WA
10/26/1999 Rutgers University Rutgers, NJ
10/27/1999 AS220 Providence, RI
10/28/1999 Brownies New York, NY
10/29/1999 The Middle East Boston, MA
11/01/1999 The Garage Washington, DC
11/02/1999 Club Laga Pittsburgh, PA
11/03/1999 Blind Lemon Cleveland, OH
11/04/1999 Safari Dayton, OH
11/05/1999 Empty Bottle Chicago, IL
11/06/1999 7th Street Entry Minneapolis, MN
11/07/1999 The Globe (CANCELED) Milwaukee, WI
11/08/1999 The Maintenance Shop Ames, IA
11/09/1999 Knickerbockers Lincoln, NE
11/10/1999 The Bluebird Theater Denver, CO
11/12/1999 The Hurricane Kansas City, MO
11/13/1999 Clunk Music Hall Fayetteville, AK
11/14/1999 Vino's Little Rock, AK
11/16/1999 The Mermaid Lounge New Orleans, LA
11/17/1999 The Spanish Moon Baton Rouge, LA
11/18/1999 Rudyard's Houston, TX
11/19/1999 Emo's Austin, TX
11/20/1999 Club Clearview Dallas, TX
11/22/1999 The Green Room Phoenix, AZ
11/23/1999 Club Mesa Costa Mesa, CA
11/24/1999 The Viper Room West Hollywood, CA
11/25/1999 Club Cocodrie San Francisco, CA
11/26/1999 LA Luna (CANCELED) Portland, OR
11/27/1999 OK Hotel Seattle, WA


Date Venue Location
03/08/2000 Satyricon Portland, OR
03/09/2000 W.O.W. Hall Eugene, OR
03/10/2000 Club Cocodrie San Francisco, CA
03/11/2000 Viper Room West Hollywood, CA
03/12/2000 Che Cafe Collective San Diego, CA
03/13/2000 Green Room Tempe, AZ
03/14/2000 Launchpad Albuquerque, NM
03/16/2000 Club Clearview Dallas, TX
03/17/2000 Rudyard's Houston, TX
03/18/2000 SxSW Music and Media Conference Austin, TX
03/20/2000 Clunk Music Hall Fayetteville,AR
03/22/2000 Bluebird Theater Denver, CO
03/23/2000 Kilby Court Salt Lake City, UT
03/24/2000 Neurolux Boise, ID
03/25/2000 Graceland Seattle, WA
05/18/2000 Opium Den Los Angeles, CA
06/03/2000 Opium Den Los Angeles, CA
06/04/2000 The Viper Room Los Angeles, CA
06/11/2000 Dragonfly Los Angeles, CA
06/12/2000 Spaceland Los Angeles, CA
12/20/2000 The Viper Room Los Angeles, CA


Date Venue Location
11/01/2001 The Knitting Factory Los Angeles, CA
11/06/2001 The Viper Room Los Angeles, CA
11/07/2001 The Viper Room Los Angeles, CA
11/08/2001 The Viper Room Los Angeles, CA


Date Venue Location
01/11/2002 The Casbah San Diego, CA
01/18/2002 Spaceland Los Angeles, CA
01/23/2002 Velvet Jones Santa Barbara, CA
07/27/2002 Merriweather Post Pavilion Columbia, MD
07/29/2002 Hi Fi Buys Amphitheater Atlanta, GA
07/30/2002 AM South Amphitheater Nashville, TN
08/01/2002 Woods Amphitheater Houston, TX
08/03/2002 Smirnoff Amphitheater Dallas, TX
08/04/2002 Verizon Amphitheater San Antonio, TX
08/10/2002 Chronicle Pavilion Concord, CA
12/13/2002 Moore Theater Seattle, WA


Date Venue Location
03/10/2003 Amoeba Records (Free in-store appearance) San Francisco, CA
03/10/2003 Bottom of the Hill San Francisco, CA
03/11/2003 The Wild Duck Eugene, OR
03/13/2003 Sonic Boom Records (Free in-store appearance) Seattle, WA
03/13/2003 Graceland Seattle, WA
03/14/2003 Dantes Portland, OR
03/17/2003 Palladium Los Angeles, CA
03/19/2003 Warfield Theater San Francisco, CA
03/20/2003 Warfield Theater San Francisco, CA
03/22/2003 Paramount Theater Seattle, WA
04/05/2003 Ground Zero, USC Los Angeles, CA
04/10/2003 Centennial Garden Bakersfield, CA
04/11/2003 Henry J. Kaiser Arena Oakland, CA
04/14/2003 Dodge Theater Phoenix, AZ
04/15/2003 RIMAC San Diego, CA
04/17/2003 Universal Amphitheater Los Angeles, CA
06/01/2003 The Pageant St. Louis, MO
06/02/2003 American Auditorium Council Bluffs, IA
06/04/2003 Fillmore Auditorium Denver, CO
06/05/2003 McKay Center Salt Lake City, UT
06/07/2003 Salem Armory Salem, OR
06/08/2003 Spokane Convention Center Spokane, WA
06/09/2003 Plaza of the Nations Vancouver, BC, Canada
06/11/2003 Sacramento Memorial Auditorium Sacramento, CA
06/12/2003 Big Game Studios Fresno, CA
06/13/2003 Jerry's Pizza & Pub Bakersfield, CA
06/14/2003 Chain Reaction Anaheim, CA
06/15/2003 Coors Amphitheater (91X X-Fest) San Diego, CA
06/19/2003 Henry Fonda Theater Los Angeles, CA


Date Venue Location
02/06/2004 Troubador West Hollywood, CA

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