My Head Is in the Sun

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"My Head Is in the Sun" is the fourteenth track on The Rentals 1999 album Seven More Minutes.


"My Head is in the Sun" is notable for being the only released track co-written by Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo and Matt Sharp. The story goes that Sharp, having left Weezer to focus more on The Rentals in 1998, was still in contact with Cuomo at the time. Sharp was working on "My Head is in the Sun" but was "stuck" on it and approached Cuomo for help. It is unknown which sections were written by which person.


Silence in the air
At the end of the affair
End of the run (It's just begun)
Silence in the air
I don't know if I even care about anyone (You look overrun)

My head is in the sun
Seven more minutes to hide away
Far from everyone
Seven more minutes slide away
Somewhere in the sun (Somewhere far from everyone)
My head is in the sun

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