Only in Dreams

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"Only in Dreams"
Only in Dreams cover
Album track by Weezer
Album Weezer (The Blue Album)
Released May 10, 1994
Recorded August-September 1993 at Electric Lady Studios, New York, NY
Length 8:00
Label Geffen
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo
RC# 126
Producer Ric Ocasek
Status Circulating
Rivers Cuomo song chronology
"My Name Is Jonas"
(RC# 126)
"Only in Dreams"
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Weezer (The Blue Album) track listing
"Only in Dreams"
Weezer (Deluxe Edition) (Disc 2) track listing
"Only in Dreams (Kitchen Tape)"
"Lullaby for Wayne"
The Kitchen Tape track listing
"Say It Ain't So"
"Only in Dreams"
"The World Has Turned and Left Me Here"

"Only in Dreams" is the tenth and final track on The Blue Album.


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"Only in Dreams" is one of the most universally loved Weezer songs amongst the die hard fans, and many consider it to be Rivers Cuomo's masterpiece. At nearly eight minutes, it is currently the longest song by Weezer. It is most noteworthy for its three minute long crescendo of the two guitars, bass, and drums, in which the dynamics gradually increase and the timbre builds up layers until the climaxing guitar solo at the end.

The song has a prominent bass line played by Matt Sharp (although written by Cuomo) which refuses to resolve to the tonic of the key until the final note of the entire track.

Its solo and build-up are regarded as some of Cuomo's best work, and the bassline is arguably the most famous bassline in the entire Weezer discography.

The song was rated #8 in Q Magazine's "20 Greatest Guitar Tracks" in September 2007.

In 2002, Cuomo infamously stated on the Rivers Correspondence Board that "Only In Dreams" was "GAY GAY GAY DISNEY GAY!!!" He also remarked how his brother, Leaves, was embarrassed by the song. Cuomo also claimed that he stole the bassline from another song and that he only put it on the album because he needed another song ("Only in Dreams" supposedly being the only song left). This has become controversial for many die-hard fans of Weezer because Rivers has stated that he had over one hundred songs before the making of The Blue Album. It is, however, thought that Cuomo was joking with this statement.

When asked in 2006 which Weezer guitar solo he is the most proud of/likes the most, Cuomo answered, "I'd have to go with 'Only in Dreams' and [Make Believe track] 'Haunt You Every Day' for sheer length. Epic, epic, epic. So few people play these kinds of solos anymore."

Live performances

"Only in Dreams", in early years, was typically been played at the end of a regular set (before the encore). Although, this wasn't true for the Enlightenment Tour in the summer of 2002, when the set lists were determined by the roll of a 20-sided die.

Often, when the song was played live at indoor arenas, a dove, made of light, was flown above the floor audience. Also, confetti marked with the Flying =W= was dropped all over the audience during this song, giving the illusion of multi-colored rain falling on the crowd during the final guitar solo.

Cover versions

Irish power poppers and Weezer fans Ash covered the song during a 2001 BBC session, and released that version on their "Burn Baby Burn" single that year. They performed the song almost nightly during their 2001-2002 Free All Angels tour. A live version was released on the 2001 DVD Tokyo Blitz.


Early draft of "Only in Dreams"

You can't resist her
She's in your bones
She is your marrow
And your ride home

You can't avoid her
She's in the air
In between molecules
Of oxygen and carbon dioxide

Only in dreams
We see what it means
Reach out our hands
Hold on to hers
But when we wake
It's all been erased
And so it seems
Only in dreams

You walk up to her
Ask her to dance
She says "hey, baby I just might take the chance"
You say "It's a good thing
That you float in the air
That way there's no way I will crush your pretty toenails into a thousand pieces."

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