Organic Mechanic

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Organic Mechanic
Organic Mechanic Cover.jpg
Cover of the band's first, and only, album
Background information
Origin Portland, OR
Years active 1999 - 2002
Label(s) Amorphous Records
Former Members
Pat Finn
Talbott Guthrie
Joe Cunningham
Norm Buccola
Patrick Wilson
This page is for the band. For their self-titled debut album, see Organic Mechanic (album).

Organic Mechanic was a band founded by long-time friend of Weezer, Pat Finn, around 2000.


Finn had previously been a part of 60 Wrong Sausages and Bush, both of which recorded demos but never released any official music (with the exception of "The Answer Man" by 60WS, which appeared on Video Capture Device a number of years after the band dissolved). Around 2000, he formed his own band in Portland, Oregon called "Organic Mechanic". It included drummer Talbott Guthrie, saxophonist Joe Cunningham (who would later go on to release a solo album through Amorphous Records titled Dad Eye), and bassist Norm Buccola. Before the band's lineup was finalized, Pat Wilson acted as a temporary drummer, playing for demos recorded in early 1999.[1] The band played as an opening act for a number of Weezer shows in 2000 and was mentioned in multiple Karl's Corner updates.

The band released their first (and only) album, Organic Mechanic, in 2001. It was the first project to be released through Karl Koch's personal record label, Amorphous Records. It saw a CD release, available by mail-order through the Amorphous Records website, as well as through the online music distribution service CD Baby and in select record stores around Portland.[2]

Multiple demos were recorded for a possible second album. One, titled "The Hippie Dance", recorded in Fall 2002, was made available for download on the Amorphous Records website. Despite the band's activity, a follow-up album was never released.

By March 2004, the Organic Mechanic page on Amorphous Records stated that Finn was recording new material for a non-Organic Mechanic project with Guthrie, and in February 2009 an update was added claiming that Finn and Guthrie were ready to launch the band.[3] No further updates were made to the page and it is not known what the name of the new band was.



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