Ozma concert: 01/11/2002

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Ozma concert: 01/11/2002
Venue No Future Cafe
Location Pasadena, CA
Date January 11, 2002
Supporting acts Running Late, Up in Arms, The Fresnas
Ozma live show chronology
Ozma concert: 12/21/2001 Ozma concert: 01/11/2002 Ozma concert: 01/19/2002

Under the name "Trail Gate", Ozma performed at the No Future Cafe in Pasadena, California on January 11, 2002. They did this alongside Running Late, Up in Arms, and The Fresnas. Ozma had performed at the Cafe 12 times before, first doing so on October 11, 1996. This would be the last time Ozma performed at the Cafe, though related bands have performed since, such as Daniel Brummel, Yes Dear and CafFriends, who covered Battlescars with Ryen Slegr and Jose Galvez


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