Pardon Me (Special Goodness song)

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"Pardon Me"
Pardon Me cover
Album track by The Special Goodness
Album The Special Goodness (album)
Released November 21, 1998 (Japan only)
Recorded March-April 1996
Tom Ackerman's house
White Horse studios
Length 2:52 (1998)
3:57 (2003)
3:39 (2004)
Label Rock Records
Writer(s) Patrick Wilson
Producer(s) Tony Lash
Status Officially released
The Special Goodness (album) track listing
"I'd Like To Know"
"Pardon Me"
"A Fortunate Mistake"
Land Air Sea
first release
first release
Land Air Sea track listing
"Pardon Me"
"Life Goes By"
Land Air Sea
Land Air Sea track listing
"In The Sun"
"Pardon Me"
"Inside Your Heart"

"Pardon Me" is the seventh track from the debut album by The Special Goodness, and also appears on both versions of Land Air Sea.


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2003, 2004


The Special Goodness

Land Air Sea


*Chorus does not appear on the original 1998 version

I hate it when I'm not polite
When it's deserved, it's still not right
So I still wish you better days
Though I dislike you anyway
It doesn't mean I can't be courteous

Excuse and pardon me*

I get uptight and nervous and tense
Small things tend to become immense
I'm just beginning to unwind
So if I seem to be unkind
It isn't really me that's talking

Excuse and pardon me*

My head's connected to my heart
And I just can't pull them apart
Although they know each other well
The odds are slim that they will gel
The just don't seem to go together

Excuse and pardon me*

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