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The Pinkerton Tour, spanning August 1996 to August 1997, was a series of live concerts to promote Weezer's 1996 sophomore record Pinkerton.


The tour for Pinkerton was among the most extensive and taxing the band has ever embarked on. The tour ended in tragedy, with the death of the band's fan club founders Mykel and Carli Allan. The tribute performance organized for the Allan sisters would be the band's last public performance for three years. It was also That Dog's final performance before their initial break up. With this event and Pinkerton's middling reviews, Weezer would retreat into an extended hiatus and leave many to believe they had broken up. Despite this, the tour and its namesake record would receive a critical reappraisal in the 21st century. The band's performance at the 1996 Bizarre Festival in Germany is now held in particularly high esteem. Nerf Herder, an opener on one of the North American legs, reminisced on their experience sharing a bill with the band in the 2016 song "We Opened for Weezer." Interestingly, Weezer spent certain legs of the tour as opening acts themselves, sharing a bill with No Doubt through the summer of 1997.


Frontman Rivers Cuomo sat for some now-famously unsuccessful interviews during this tour. Two particularly awkward ones came during the band's trip to Australia.

Tour dates

Editor's Note: All of these dates, cities, venues and festival names were checked and, if necessary, corrected. So they may vary from other sources. In some cases individual notes were made when given information were contradictory.


  • Note: The show on August 22 is listed in the Super Chrono but not in Rivers' Catalog of Riffs. According to Karl's tour diary, published in the official Weezer fan club magazine, NoFX and Lagwagon were also performing on this date. Weezer-unrelated sources date the show with these two bands August 15. It is most likely that Karl just misdated this show. It also seems very unlikely that Weezer played a show in Austria between two dates in the United Kingdom.

Los Angeles

Australia and Japan

North America

Opening acts: Superdrag, Placebo, Ash

North America

Opening act: Nerf Herder

Opening for No Doubt

North America

Opening act: The Pulsars


Additional dates


Mykel and Carli Tribute show

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