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From left to right:
Philip Selway, Jonny Greenwood, Thom Yorke, Colin Greenwood, Ed O'Brien
Background information
Origin Abingdon, Oxfordshire, England
Years active 1985 - present
Label(s) Parlphone
XL Recordings
Current Members
Thom Yorke
Jonny Greenwood
Colin Greenwood
Ed O'Brien
Philip Selway

Radiohead is an English rock band from Abingdon, Oxfordshire. The band consists of Thom Yorke, brothers Jonny and Colin Greenwood, Ed O'Brien, and Philip Selway. Weezer has covered two of their songs, "Creep" and "Paranoid Android".

Connection with Weezer

The producers of Radiohead's Pablo Honey, Paul Kolderie and Sean Slade, were interested in producing Weezer's debut album, but Weezer would ultimately pick Ric Ocasek. During the production of the album, Weezer insisted that the guitars be mixed as loud as the guitars on "Creep", burying some vocals.[1]

Weezer opened for Radiohead at the Black Sessions for French radio show C'est Lenoir on February 21, 1995.

CD packaging text
Underneath the CD tray of The Green Album, the word "no" can be found. This could be a response to Radiohead's OK Computer CD containing the text "I like you. I like you. You are a wonderful person. I'm full of enthusiasm. I'm going places. I'll be happy to help you. I am an important person, would you like to come home with me?" in the same spot. This, however, has not been confirmed. Weezer's official response was ambiguous, simply saying "no means no".[2]

Weezer began performing "Creep" at various hootenannies during 2008, with Scott Shriner on lead vocals.

On April 18, 2011, Rivers Cuomo hinted that Weezer was rehearsing "Paranoid Android" with a tweet that read "Time to learn Radiohead's 'Paranoid Android.'".[3] Weezer's cover of the song was then released as a video on YouTube on May 27. The song was performed live for the first time on the same day at a concert in Atlantic City, NJ. Weezer continued to play the song live at numerous concerts throughout the year, with its most recent performance being on the Lido Deck during the Weezer Cruise on January 19, 2012.

"Paranoid Android" is directly referenced in the lyrics of "Summer Elaine and Drunk Dori".

OK Human's title is a play on the title of Radiohead's album OK Computer. In 2021, following the release of OK Human, Cuomo shared his thoughts on OK Computer, stating that it "completely obliterated" him, and compared the failure of Pinkerton and the success of OK Computer to the rivalry between the Beach Boys and the Beatles during the 60s, and the Beach Boys' Pet Sounds being far surpassed by the the Beatles' Revolver in success.[4]

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