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The Weezer recording history: Page 6

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late Spring 1994: the Suburban Advantage "ep" demo

This was Pat's first "formal" demo tape. he used a Dr. Rhythm drum machine (set on the TR-808 kit) for drums, as an attempt to get a different sound. He made several copies, and gave them to friends and some industry contacts he had at Geffen and elsewhere. I estimate he made about 8-10 copies.

The Suburban Advantage EP
song comments
"Let's Go to the Mall" (music later re­used as S.G.'s "Riff") (this is the version that has been bootlegged and traded)
"I Wouldn't Say It"
"New Wave Lullybye" (this is the version that has been bootlegged and traded)
"If You Move Away" (this is the version that has been bootlegged and traded)
"Illegitimus Non Carborundum"
"Bonus Track"

April or May or June 1994 Matt does a 16 (24?) track session in LA

At this point Matt had his first real "solo" recording session, at Rod Cervera's dad's TV voiceover studio "Hellcentro" in Hollywood. Rod played guitar, Pat Wilson played drums, Cherielynn Westrich contributed in some way, and there might have been a Haden or two involved. At this time, Rod and Cheri were in a band called Magpie with a girl named Debbie Diamond. Later Rod and Cheri would split from Debbie and form Supersport 2000. Matt did about 4-8 songs at this session, which went on "after hours" at the studio (Magpie was doing their demo here too at the same time).

I don't recall ever hearing any final results from this. I think they never finished because of Matt's newfound heavy weezer schedule, plus new talk of recording at Poop Alley later in '94.

Summer 94 : Rivers 8 tracks

It was getting difficult for Rivers to find time in the garage to record, as the Blue Album had been released in May, and the first weezer tours were happening. The tours were still short affairs, and every few weeks there would be a few days' "down time", which Rivers (and everyone) took advantage of.

July '94 Rivers
song comments
"Buncha F*ckin' Noize" (nonsense)
"I'll Think About You" (later known as "Think About You" or "Sesame Street", at '97 solo Boston shows)
"There Is No Other One" (early "No Other One")
"Surfer Girl" Beach Boys cover, complete with full backing harmonies
"Saw You In Your Car"
"Proto­-Devotion" (early version, named after "Devotion" was named)

7/27/94 : live show bootleg tape: Cleveland

Cleveland, OH - The Odean - this show has been circulating in trading circles for years. Original source is apparently an audience member with a walkman.

  1. "My Name Is Jonas"
  2. "No One Else"
  3. "The World Has Turned and Left Me Here"
  4. "Buddy Holly"
  5. "In the Garage"
  6. "You Gave Your Love to Me Softly"
  7. "Say It Ain't So"
  8. "Getchoo"
  9. "Undone - The Sweater Song"

8/94 ­ live performance on TV: 120 Minutes on MTV ­ New York, NY

(note: performances also done at the Jon Stewart Show ("Undone" & "Buddy Holly"), the Conan O'Brien Show ("Undone"), and Dave Letterman ("Say It Ain't So", 8/95), between this point in time and spring 1995. Video and audio bootlegs created from TV tapings have been circulating for years.

live show bootleg tape, 8/7/94: Visalia, California : Cody's

late Summer / early Fall '94 : Rivers 8 tracks

Squeezed in between an increasingly hectic tour schedule

song comments
"Let Me Wash At Your Sink"
"Walt Disney"
"Defeat on the Hill" all­trumpet sequel to "Victory on the Hill"
"Wanda (You're My Only Love)" written for the movie Angus, never used
"I'm So Lonely"
"Lisa" 3rd Rivers "girl" song, never achieved the ranking of "Mykel and Carli" or "Susanne"

Summer '94 : B side session, LA

"Undone" was scheduled for release in Australia, and B-sides were called for. The guys recorded at 2 studios in Hollywood, on 24-track machines. (studio #1 broke, so they had to move). The Electric Lady "Mykel and Carli" was determined to be a difficult thing to salvage (it still had Jason's parts on it, and the guys were playing it now better than they ever had). So they made an all new version.

  • "Mykel and Carli" (appeared on many foreign singles, plus the Hear You Me! compilation)
  • "Susanne" (the mix done here appeared on many foreign singles, it was later remixed in August 1995, at Electric Lady in NYC, for the Mallrats soundtrack)
  • "My Evaline" (listed as "Sweet Adeline" on the singles)

Note that most Undone Promotional CD singles contain an erroneous short radio edit of "Undone", where the guitar solo in the middle is cut way short. (correct = 4:10, incorrect = 3:58) These incorrect ones outnumber the "good" ones, so are easier to find in fact. As it turns out, most radio stations played the album version anyway, so no one seemed to notice except the band.

Radio station performance , 8/15/94 Washington, DC­ whfs ­ tracklist unavailable

8/16/94 : live show bootleg tape: The Avalon ­ Boston, MA

live show bootleg tape, 8/21/94: Toronto, Canada tracklist unavailable

live show bootleg tape, 8/22/94: Montreal, Canada tracklist unavailable

live show bootleg tape, 8/31/94: st louis

(became part 1 of 'American Holiday' bootleg CD)

live show bootleg tape, 9/9/94: Minneapolis, MN, at First Avenue

  1. "No One Else"
  2. "The World Has Turned and Left Me Here"
  3. "Buddy Holly"
  4. "In the Garage"
  5. "You Gave Your Love to Me Softly"
  6. "Jamie"
  7. "Say It Ain't So"
  8. "Getchoo"
  9. "Holiday"
  10. "Undone - The Sweater Song"
  11. "Surf Wax America"
  12. "Only in Dreams"
  13. "Tired of Sex"

(this bootleg was used for the Rock Candy bootleg CD. its considered one of the better sounding early live weezer bootlegs)

note re: video material

Starting around October '94, there is a sudden and dramatic increase in the amount of video documentation of the band in action. Karl was taking home movies on the road, and countless tv interviews and live footage was being shot before and during shows. It would be nearly impossible to accurately get a handle on all this stuff, but accurate info will be added where possible.

live show bootleg tape, 10/11/94: Cleveland , OH tracklist unavailable

live show bootleg tape, 10/12/94: Detroit, MI tracklist unavailable

Radio station performance , 10/15/94 ­ Milwaukee: 102.1 ­ tracklist unavailable

live show bootleg tape, 11/5/94: Salt Lake City, UT tracklist unavailable

Radio station performance , 11/22/94 Boston, MA: WFNX 101.7

acoustic session at the radio station.

note that some bootleg lists have noted that the Pinkerton track "Butterfly" was played as well. this info has been proven incorrect. ("Butterfly" was not written until 1996)

live show bootleg tape, 12/4/94: New Britain, CT at The Sting club

This became used for the Geezer bootleg CD

live show bootleg tape, 12/5/94: NYC, NY , Madison Square Garden

(This comprises the second half of the American Holiday bootleg CD)

live show bootleg tape, 12/10/94: Los Angeles, CA , Universal Ampitheatre

tracklist unavailable. show was broadcast live on KROQ

Radio station performance (interview) , 12/94 Modern Rock Live (done in LA, broadcast nationally)

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