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Release cover
Studio album by various artists
Released 1996
Length 44:46
Label CherryDisc Records

Release is a compilation album released by CherryDisc Records in 1996. It contains "Ground", the only studio-recorded song by ex-Weezer bassist Mikey Welsh's band Jocobono to be released outside of their self-titled album.

Track listing

No. TitleArtist Length
1. "Ground" (previously unreleased)Jocobono 4:30
2. "Trickledown Justice"  Grither 3:57
3. "Every Now and Then" (previously unreleased)Twisted Roots 3:52
4. "Some Girls Have Been Here"  Chevy Heston 1:07
5. "In This Position You Must Be Ready"  Chevy Heston 1:57
6. "The Word Behind Words"  Jeremy Toback 4:40
7. "Toy"  Underball 4:15
8. "Homefront"  Tree 2:16
9. "Smith & Wesson" (previously unreleased)Otis 4:35
10. "This Ain't No Saturday Night" (previously unreleased)Quintaine Americana 6:47
11. "Monkey Island"  Derangers 3:19
12. "Dream Junkie"  Vision Thing 3:25
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