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Mister Rivers' Neighborhood (MRN for short, formerly Riverchat, briefly known as Chillchat and Together, sometimes known as Mister Rivers' Discord) is a server operated by Rivers Cuomo on the instant messaging social platform Discord. Previously, it was an online chat room application programmed by Cuomo.


The chat room was initially created as a project for an online web programming class (Harvard's CS50W course, via the online course provider edX), and hosted on his personal website, beginning in July of 2020. Cuomo has used the application to communicate with fans, sometimes in the form of cryptic non-sequiturs, and sometimes sharing previously-unknown Weezer-related trivia. Cuomo initially integrated a bot account to occasionally post replies on his behalf.

Riverchat was discontinued in September of 2021.


The core musical values of my Discord are probably quite similar to the people who were posting on Weezer message boards in 2001, and maybe similar to people who were writing fan letters to [the Weezer superfans] Mykel and Carli in 1996. There’s maybe six or seven thousand people who have joined the server, and often the results of what I’m working on turn out better if I have lots of smart people helping out.

Rivers Cuomo, The New York Times, 2022

In September of 2021, Cuomo launched a server (simply titled "Rivers Cuomo") on the chat platform Discord. Cuomo's own chat client was discontinued shortly thereafter, before being briefly reinstated on October 14.


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