article - December 6, 2002

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Smooth and full

Weezer Drummer's New Goods
Pat Wilson readying side project's U.S. debut
By John D. Luerssen
December 6, 2002

The Special Goodness, the side project of Weezer drummer Pat Wilson, will release its U.S. debut, Land, Air, Sea, on March 4th. Featuring Wilson on guitar and vocals and former Rocket From the Crypt member Atom Willard on drums, the album was produced by Weezer engineer Chad Bamford.

"We're trying for as little hype as possible," Wilson says. "Lots of modern records have that full-on maximum sound, and they're unlistenable after the first spin. We have a very musical sound that wears well over time. Very smooth and full."

The band released a self-titled debut on Rock Records in Japan in 1998 after a stateside deal with DGC fell through, but Wilson is pleased to finally be putting out a record domestically. "It's the first of hopefully many," he says.

The Special Goodness will test the new material at Seattle's Moore Theater on December 13th, where the band will perform alongside Alien Crime Syndicate, Loudermilk and Dolour as part of "Santa's Sack of Rock" benefit for VH1's Save the Music Foundation. They plan to tour the U.S. in March.

Wilson and Willard, who also doubles as Weezer's drum tech, are currently searching for a permanent bass player for the band. In the meantime, Rod Cervera, who co-produced Weezer's Maladroit, will handle bass duties.