Sam's Roller Skating Palace

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Sam's Roller Skating Palace (or more simply known as "Sam's Palace") was an Albumsix board running during the first half of 2009. The board was originally created to allow themed accounts, trolls and disruptive members a place to post on the forum without disrupting ATW and/or ATNW. The name references Uncle Sam, one of Albumsix's most notable "trolls". When Uncle Sam gave up modship, leaving only user BurntPork rights to the forum, the board was re-named "All Things Not All Things Not Weezer."

A screenshot of the Palace.

The board has also been called "Boardie Hell". At one point, the description of the board (as written by Albumsix creators) was "Sam's Palace: What the hell were we thinking?" Disruptive members of the forum often have their posting rights amended, allowing for posting only in the Palace. This is known as being "Banned to the Palace!" This also inspired the running joke, "Banned from the palace!", which implies that the user is inept from contributing to Albumsix in any form.

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