Scott & Rivers concert: 01/06/2014

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Scott & Rivers played a mini-show at TRiP, a small club/chill dive bar in Santa Monica, CA on January 6, 2014. About 70 fans were in attendance; as was a Japanese camera crew, who were filming the event for a Japanese show to be broadcasted on NHK. After the performance, both Rivers and Scott milled around chatting and taking pics with fans. Random funny note: Rivers had ridden his bicycle there; and as he started getting ready to leave for the night he said "Well, I'm going to be getting on my bike soon".

Set list

Scott and Rivers Trip.jpg
Scott and Rivers Trip poster.jpg
  1. "Splash"
  2. "Freakin' Love My Life"
  3. "Homely Girl"
  4. "Buddy Holly" (Weezer cover)

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