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Demo by Weezer
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo
RC# 44
Status Unreleased
Rivers Cuomo song chronology
"Dear Woman"
(RC# 33)
(RC# 44)
"Peter No No - Samples and Riffage"
(RC# 34)

"Spiderbitch" (sometimes written as "Spider Bitch") is a song written by Rivers Cuomo in April of 1990 while living at 1811 Cherokee Ave in Los Angeles.


Cuomo recorded various demos of the song throughout 1990 into early 1991, including a live practice recording dated February 18, 1991 and a demo dated March 9 as Fuzz (Cuomo's musical project at the time with Patrick Wilson). Wilson recorded a 4-track cover of the song in July of that year. According to the Recording History, the song may have been later considered a 60 Wrong Sausages track. Eventually, the song was practiced by the then-newly-formed Weezer in February of 1992. The band recorded the song during practice on February 16. The song may have been performed at Weezer's first live show at Raji's club in Hollywood, but no recording exists to confirm this. The song was played live at 8121 Club in Los Angeles on April 7 and again on May 21st.

"Spiderbitch" is not known to have been performed live since 1992 and recordings remain unheard by fans. The song appeared on "The 4 and 5 Star Demos of Rivers Cuomo" (listed as a 1991 Fuzz demo), but has not appeared on any of the releases in the Alone series.

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