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The current Strange And Distant Land banner, which implements various celebrities and pop-culture references along with Weezer.

Strange And Distant Land (commonly referred to as SaDL) is a Weezer-related fansite created in May 2020 in response to both the shut-down of Weezer Club and the issues that forum users had with Allthingsweezer moderation.


The web forum was created in May 2020 by users Votto, CodySolo, and Ult, after the Weezer Club forums had been shut down two weeks prior. The website aims for a welcoming forum experience with as few restrictions as possible, and a variety of topics of discussion. The fansite's main focal point is to be enjoyable for anybody, not just Weezer fans, with a focus on various other types of discussion, for off-topic threads, movies, video games, and more.

The website also seeks to cure many of the issues that previous web forums have had with moderation. There are quarterly mod elections in which users of the website are able to vote to keep or replace certain moderators that they may be happy or unhappy with, along with a moderation section of the forums where moderator decisions are made with complete transparency. The idea of this is to give the user-base a say in how the website is run, with suggestions and debates being open topics of discussion.

It requires you to register an account before you can browse it.

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