Substance Records: California

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Substance Records: California
Substance Records: California cover
Compilation album by various
Released 2000
Format CD
Recorded various
Length 48:19
Label Substance Records

Substance Records: California is a compilation album released by Substance Records in 2000. It includes an early version of the then-unreleased Space Twins song "Rust Colored Sun", which would later appear on the band's debut album The End of Imagining in 2003.

Track listing

No. TitleArtist Length
1. "Rust Colored Sun"  Space Twins 4:53
2. "Runway and Rockets"  Aaron Embry 2:53
3. "Stones"  Tiana 3:22
4. "Lamplighter's Parade"  Remy Zero 3:32
5. "Ghost"  Devics 4:31
6. "Apology For You"  Remy Zero 4:30
7. "Castle"  Silver 5:08
8. "About You"  Lauri Kranz 4:48
9. "Grin"  Gregory Slay 3:18
10. "Cheshire Moon"  Aaron Embry 6:11
11. "Suspicious"  Silver 3:34
12. "Hiding"  Remy Zero 3:39
Total length:

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