Thank God for Girls

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"Thank God for Girls"
Thank God for Girls cover
Single by Weezer
Album Weezer (The White Album)
Released October 26, 2015
Recorded Summer/fall 2015
Length 3:29
4:12 (extended radio edit)
Label Crush Music/Atlantic Records
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo/Alex Goose
Producer(s) Jake Sinclair
Alex Goose (additional production)
Status Officially released
Live debut October 20, 2015
Stream Play on spotify.png Spotify
Play on Apple Music.png Apple Music
Weezer singles chronology
"Everybody Needs Salvation"
"Thank God for Girls"
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Weezer (The White Album) track listing
"Wind in Our Sail"
"Thank God for Girls"
"(Girl We Got a) Good Thing"

"Thank God for Girls" is a single released by Weezer on October 26, 2015. It is the lead single and third track from The White Album, although the album was still unannounced upon the song's release. The band would not confirm the existence of an album, and many media outlets referred to the song as a standalone single.



"Thank God for Girls" first became known to fans when the song title was posted in early October of 2015 with a release date of October 27 on the website that listed upcoming music releases. Karl Koch quickly informed Weezer fanclub members that while new music was being worked on, this release date may not be correct.

Despite this, the song was debuted live on October 20, with the single released on October 26 (a day before the previously posted release date). A lyric video directed by Scantron Films was released on October 25, which prominently features cannolis (as mentioned in the song's first verse).

Origin and Rivers' annotations

Rivers first referred to the phrase "Thank God for girls" in a tweet from 2010. This may have inspired or been inspired by the original title for the song that became "Fun In The Sun" by Scott & Rivers [citation needed].

Rivers posted annotations for the song on the website Rivers states that the song title "Seemed like a big, mainstream-ish title but I knew I would be able to pull all kinds of weirdness out of it," sums up the song in general with "alright kids, let’s play with some gender stereotypes," notes that the was being worked on in late summer of 2015 ("I got the idea for the “Tennessee” lyric after we shot the “Go Away” video on Tennessee Ave. in West LA."), mentions the first two lines of the second verse were originally written in 1997, and explains the origin and inspiration of several other lines in the song.

Following the album announcement in January 2016, producer Jake Sinclair posted on the AllThingsWeezer forums and clarified the song's writing credits. He said that Rivers based the song on an instrumental demo that was sent to him by Alex Goose, and that the organ part from this demo was kept in the final version. He also said that the lyrics and melody were written solely by Rivers.

Radio edit

An extended 4:12 radio edit exists for the song, slightly modifying the ending of the bridge section which leads into a third chorus not featured on the standard version. Of interest is that this edit makes the song over forty seconds longer, a contrast to most radio edits which serve to shorten a song.

Music videos

Lyric video

The lyric video for the song was directed by Scantron. It premiered on October 25, 2015 on YouTube.

Official music video

The official music video, also directed by Scantron, premiered on November 16, 2015 on Vevo.



The girl in the pastry shop with the net in her hair
Is making a cannoli for you to take on your hiking trip
In the woods with your bros that you’ve known since second grade
And you may encounter dragons or ruffians and be called upon
To employ your testosterone
In a battle for supremacy and access to females glued to the TV
And even if you are victorious you may receive many cuts, bruises, and scrapes
And you will require band aids and antiseptic ointments
And tender loving kisses on your stab wounds and when you come home
She will be there waiting for you with a fire in her eyes
And a big fat cannoli to shove in your mouth
And that's why you

Thank God for girls
Holla Jesu Christe
From Tennessee to LA
Thank God for girls
On your reckoning day
You better bow down and pray

She’s so big
She’s so strong
She’s so energetic in her sweaty overalls
Thank God for girls
Thank God for girls

I'm so glad I got a girl to think of even though she isn't mine
I think about her all the day and all the night it's enough to know that she's alive
She says I give her sweaty palms she almost had a heart attack
The truth is that I’m just as scared I don’t know how to act
I wish that I could get to know her better
But meeting up in real life would cause the illusion to shatter
I carved her name into all the trees
Sang a song down on one knee
Looking at the underwear page of the Sears catalog like when I was 14
I’m levitating like a magnet turned the wrong way around
I’m like an Indian Fakir tryna’ meditate on a bed of nails with my pants pulled down

Thank God for girls
Holla Jesu Christe
From Tennessee to LA
Thank God for girls
On your reckoning day
You better bow down and pray

She’s so big
She’s so strong
She’s so energetic in her sweaty overalls
Thank God for girls
Thank God for girls

God took a rib from Adam, ground it up in a centrifuge machine
Mixed it with cardamom and cloves, microwaved it on the popcorn setting
While Adam was like “that really hurts”
Going off into the tundra, so pissed at God
And he started lighting minor forest fires, stealing osprey eggs
Messing with the bees who were trying to pollinate the echinacea
Until God said, “Ima smite you with loneliness
And break your heart in two”
And Adam wept and wailed, tearing out his hair, falling on his knees
Looked to the sky and said
“Thank God”

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