The Angel and the One

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"The Angel and the One"
The Angel and the One cover
Album track by Weezer
Album Weezer (The Red Album)
Released June 3, 2008
Recorded Spring 2007
Length 6:46
Label Geffen
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo
Producer Rick Rubin
Status Officially released
Live debut January 17, 2013
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"The Angel and the One"
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"The Angel and the One"
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"The Angel and the One"
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"The Angel and the One"

"The Angel and the One" is the tenth track off of The Red Album.



"The Angel and the One" is a reworked version of the song "Bad Girl". Many Weezer fans have noted that "The Angel and the One" is one of their favorite tracks on The Red Album. Strangely, the song has not been played live until Weezer's Australasian Tour in 2013. Drummer Patrick Wilson has stated that is his favorite song from the album as well. The song has been compared to Only in Dreams, due to it's length and the way that the song builds, slowly getting louder. Almost every lyric of the song rhymes, and Cuomo claimed he wrote this song in an attempt to write a nontraditional song.

According to the Red Album commentary, Cuomo originally had a song called "Bad Girl", which was a more traditional verse-chorus song. Cuomo then spent a whole day playing the song over and over reworking it into what would come to be known as "The Angel and the One".



It's not my destiny to be the one that you will lay with
So many reasons why I have to go but want to stay here
Sometimes I want a taste but then I don't know what I'm saying
You are the angel and I am the one that is praying

There is another love that I would rather be obeying
I see the ecstasy and already I'm anticipating
I feel a deeper peace and that deeper peace is penetrating
I've got the magic in me, I am complete is what I'm saying

I'm flying up so high, my purple majesty displaying
I've reached a higher place that no one else can make a claim in

I'll take you there my friend
I'm reaching out my hand, so take it
We are the angels, and we are the ones that are praying

Peace, shalom, peace, shalom
Peace, peace
Peace, shalom, peace, shalom
Peace, peace

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