The Dawn

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"The Dawn"
by Rivers Cuomo
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo
Status bootleg circulating
Rivers Cuomo song chronology
"Still In Love With You"
(RC# 622)
"The Dawn"
(RC# 623)
"Don't Pick On Me"
(RC# 624)

The Dawn is a song played live at various points prior to the release of Maladroit, notably on the Hyper-Extended Midget Tour, which ran from late 2001 until early 2002. The only versions of the song are live recordings, with no studio demos currently in circulation. However, a similar opening guitar riff from "The Dawn" would be used in the 2002 demo "Hey Domingo"!


And as the day goes on
The world is holding on
Amuse yourself, and I can’t wait
I wake up with the dawn

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