The Lesson

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"The Lesson"
The Lesson cover
Album track by Southern Fried Swing
Album Free Flight Thru the Universe of Sound
Released 2003
Length 1:27
Label Amorphous Records
Writer(s) Patrick Wilson and Karl Koch
Status Officially released
Free Flight Thru the Universe of Sound track listing
"When Is Your Land?"
"The Lesson"
"Crap of a Lifetime"

"The Lesson" is the twelfth track from the album Free Flight Thru the Universe of Sound by Southern Fried Swing. Patrick Wilson has claimed that it is the group's best song.[1] It was featured on the compilation album Beetbox 2: Electric Boogaloo in 2005, making it the only Southern Fried Swing song to see official physical release outside of the main album.


Bring it on

That's their little style
They'll do it for a hundred whiles
Now pay five dollars to get in
Now, I see your

Why don't you come back to the schoolyard?
I can't make it heads or tails of this
I'm over it now
That was a long problem but we solved it

The town is rich again
We've discovered oil underneath, under Gramie's old hen
The little black stuff that came out from the sewer, it was
Not manure but, we were now not poor

I'm imagining a time of love
I'm imagining a hateful time
Won't you come with me and learn the lessons?
Can't you see?

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