The Relationship

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The Relationship
Background information
Origin Los Angeles, CA
Years active 2006 - present
Label(s) Golden State Records
Burger Records
Current Members
Brian Bell
Jon LaRue
Justin Goings
Brandon Graham
Former Members
Nate Shaw
Eric J. Dubowsky
Jason Hiller
Ben Peeler
Blair Sinta
Deron Johnson
Anthony Burulcich

The Relationship is Weezer guitarist Brian Bell's current side project.


The Relationship planned to have their first record released in 2009. The band opened for Weezer on three dates of the "2008 World Troublemaker Tour" in California. Their sound is heavily influenced by '60s and early '70s pop rock and has been compared by fans to Lou Reed and early Beatles music.

Although the band first came to be in 2006, due to unknown reasons it took 4 more years to release an album. Karl Koch has said in an Allthingsweezer chat that he does not believe Weezer is the reason that Bell has been unable to release an album earlier, which many fans have speculated.

In late 2008 and early 2009, fans began hearing re-worked versions of the original demos, which were often met with criticism. In the newer demos, melodies were often reworked and embellished from their original entities.

In November of 2009, Bell hinted to Althingsweezer boardie runnersdialzero in a personal correspondence that he would be releasing the album before Christmas "for the fans".

On November 17th 2010 the artwork and release date for their debut self titled album The Relationship was posted on the bands Facebook page it was announced that the album would be released on November 30th 2010.

Demos in circulation

To date, the following demos have been posted on the band's myspace:



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