The Statue

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"The Statue"
The Statue cover
Album track by Southern Fried Swing
Album Free Flight Thru the Universe of Sound
Released 2003
Length 1:12
Label Amorphous Records
Writer(s) Patrick Wilson and Karl Koch
Status Officially released
Free Flight Thru the Universe of Sound track listing
"Cutting Tyles"
"The Statue"
"Wax My 'Stache"

"The Statue" is the third track from the album Free Flight Thru the Universe of Sound by Southern Fried Swing.


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She gave me a stick of gum
I worked on the statue in the center of town 'til one
Then I had lunch
With some people I didn't know

That was okay
That was just good
Romance was in the air
It cut me

Romance was in the cards
But I held the deck
Using a ???
And it's not like you should

She was smarter than the rest
I couldn't help watching her left breast

Shine that light on me

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