The Suburban Advantage EP

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The Suburban Advantage EP
The Suburban Advantage EP cover
Front insert of demo tape
Demo by Patrick Wilson
Released 1994
Recorded Spring 1994
Length 24:33
Patrick Wilson chronology
My Spine
The Suburban Advantage EP
The Special Goodness

The Suburban Advantage EP is a demo recorded by Patrick Wilson in spring 1994. It was Wilson's first "formal" demo tape. At the time, "Suburban Advantage" was used as an alias for Wilson's solo music, supplanted after the demo was completed by "Huge Guy" and eventually by his band The Special Goodness.


In the months following the recording of his fall 1993 demo My Spine, Wilson wrote and developed a fresh batch of music.[1]: a b He completed the Suburban Advantage demo tape in late spring 1994, combining new material and a handful of earlier song ideas for a total of seven tracks.

Wilson programmed the demo's percussion using a Dr. Rhythm drum machine on the TR-808 kit, opting not to record live drums in "an attempt to get a different sound". Karl Koch estimates that 8–10 copies of the tape were made and distributed among friends and Geffen industry contacts.[1]: c Music from "Let's Go to the Mall" and "I Wouldn't Say It" would later be re-tooled into the Special Goodness songs "Riff", "Pardon Me", and "Everywhere". Ultimately, however, few songs from the demo would be revisited. When asked by a fan in 1997 whether any material from the demo would appear on future Special Goodness albums, Wilson reportedly said he "wasn't sure . . . he wrote those songs 'back in the day' and can't even remember how all of them go".[2]

The full demo was bootlegged and traded among Weezer fans no later than January 1996.[3] Carli Allan of the Weezer Fan Club explicitly discouraged trading of the audio, stating in 1997 that the songs were "never meant to be released".[4] While the full demo remained obscure for some time, "Let's Go to the Mall", "New Wave Lullabye", and "If You Move Away" circulated fairly frequently during the late '90s; only these tracks are noted as having been bootlegged in the Weezer Recording History, ca. 2000.[1]: c All seven tracks would eventually circulate widely in the 2000s and onwards.

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. "Let's Go to the Mall"   3:39
2. "I Wouldn't Say It"   3:52
3. "New Wave Lullabye"   3:25
4. "If You Move Away"   3:39
5. "Unfamiliar"   2:42
6. "Illegitimus Non Carbarorundom"   3:52
7. "Bonus Track"   3:24
Total length:


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